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Mid-Module Check-ins

Mid-module check-ins provide the opportunity for feedback at the mid-point of each module. Presenting opportunities to enhance student performance and the overall student experience.

Mid-Module Check-Ins

Mid-module check-ins are a form of feedback designed to gather students' input and insights around a particular module.  Mid-module check ins are conducted to help both colleagues and students make timely adjustments to improve the learning experience.

Mid-module check-ins occur around the midpoint of a module which allows for feedback to be collected before the module concludes, giving colleagues an opportunity to make improvements where necessary.

The primary purpose is to gather feedback from students on their module experience so far. This includes aspects like teaching methods, course materials, assessments, and overall satisfaction.

Feedback collected during mid-module check-ins is intended to inform colleagues about what is working well and what might need adjustment. This process is particularly valuable for making immediate changes in response to student needs.

While many module leads already gather student feedback and informally address student comments and suggestions throughout the academic year, the mid-module check-in ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to provide their feedback. Consequently, it represents an excellent opportunity to highlight the University's commitment to valuing and prioritising the student voice.


It is important that all feedback gathered from students through the mid-module check-ins is reflected on and any actions fed back to the student body is linked up with your School’s agreed approach to closing the feedback loop.

Programmes leads should timetable mid-module check-ins at the mid-point of each module.