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IHLS Venues

Inclusive Hybrid Learning Spaces (IHLS) is Newcastle University's institutionally supported pilot for streaming lectures, conferences, and other learning events across various parts of the central campus. IHLS-enabled venues are traditional learning spaces which can additionally be used to support remote participation with clear lines of sight and sound between those presenting, those in the room, and those that are online.


Inclusive Hybrid Learning Spaces logo

Venue List

Hybrid delivery functionality is currently available in 16 rooms on the Newcastle campus.

Bookings can be made through the University’s room booking system – Resource Booker 
Choose the ‘Inclusive Hybrid Learning Spaces’ option which will show the rooms with the hybrid facilities installed and allow you to see their availability and make a booking.


Room Name Type of RoomCapacity
Armstrong Building 2.98 (Spence Watson Lecture Theatre) Tiered Lecture Theatre 168
Armstrong Building 3.38 Standard Teaching Room in rows (flexible furniture) 59
Cassie Building 2.32 Tiered Lecture Theatre 99
Dame Margaret Barbour Building G.01 Tiered Lecture Theatre 318
Frederick Douglass Centre 1.16 Collaborative Learning Room (Plectrum Tables) 30
Frederick Douglass Centre 1.17 Collaborative Learning Room (Tables) 60
Frederick Douglass Centre 1.18 Collaborative Learning Room (Tablet Chairs) 30
Henry Daysh Building G.13 Tiered Lecture Theatre 121
Henry Daysh Building 1.02 Tiered Lecture Theatre 220
Henry Daysh Building 6.16 (PGR Training Space) Collaborative Learning Room (Tablet Chairs) 120
Herschel Building LT1  Tiered Lecture Theatre  248 
Merz Court L201  Standard Teaching Room in rows (less flexible)  44 
Merz Court L202 Collaborative Learning Room (Tables) 36
Merz Court L301 Standard Teaching Room in rows (less flexible) 78
Merz Court L302 Standard Teaching Room in rows (less flexible) 64
Merz Court L303 Standard Teaching Room in rows (less flexible) 90

Find out more about hybrid teaching and how to use the IHLS venues