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Case Studies

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These case studies from staff promoted on the basis of excellent or exceptional teaching are made available to staff within Newcastle University only with the permission of the individuals concerned.

Please note that these are not full promotion statements, but case studies demonstrating the range and combination of achievements that have led to promotion at Newcastle in recent years. A promotion application is based on a longer statement, and a range of other material.

Promotion to Chair

  1. Simon Pallett, Professor and Special Projects Manager: case study (PDF) 
  2. Chris Baldwin, Professor of Biomedical Education: case study (PDF)
  3. Jarka Glassey, Professor of Chemical Engineering Education: case study (PDF)
  4. Phil Bradley, Professor of Medical Education: case study (PDF)
  5. David Campbell, Professor of Accounting and Corporate Governance: case study (PDF)

Promotion to Reader

  1. Tom Joyce, Reader in Orthopaedic Engineering: case study (PDF)

Promotion to Senior Lecturer

  1. Dr Paul Fleet, Senior Lecturer, Arts & Cultures: case study (PDF)
  2. Dr Valerie Pellatt, Reader Chinese Translation Interpreting: case study (PDF)
  3. Dr Alan Tully, Senior Lecturer, Computing: case study (PDF)
  4. Anon: case study (PDF)

Promotion of Lecturer F to G

  1. Dr Don Miller, Lecturer in Greek History: case study (PDF)
  2. Dr Sara Marsham, Lecturer, Natural and Environmental Sciences: case study (PDF)
  3. Dr Lee Fawcett, Lecturer in Statistics: case study (PDF)