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Open Badges

Open Badges

Open badges are digital badges which show a range of learning achievements. You can share them on social media and employability websites such as LinkedIn.

Open badges:

  • Indicate an accomplishment or skill
  • Include metadata held within the badge that has information about the awarding institution and the criteria for achieving the badge

Open Badges at Newcastle University

We have several Open Badges at Newcastle, some are School specific and others could be awarded across the University. Examples of these include:

Student Representation Open Badge

Student Representation

Peer mentoring open badge

Peer Mentor

Psychology Enterprise Open Badge

Psychology Enterprise Challenge

Developing an extra-curricular Open Badge at Newcastle

If you have an idea for an extra-curricular Open Badge we would like to hear your proposal. It is important that badges awarded by Newcastle University have value, and are difficult to achieve.

Please consider the following when developing your badge:

  • Developing criteria that each student should achieve before being awarded a badge
  • Identifying what assessment will determine achievement of the badge and who will carry out the assessment

Application process

  1. Complete the open badge application form and send it to
  2. LTDS consider the application and complete a supporting statement
  3. The Student Experience Sub-Committee consider the full application
  4. If approved LTDS set up the badge on Open Badge Factory
  5. You manage the assessment process and confirm which students who should be awarded the badge
  6. Schools or Services can administer the awarding of badges to successful students via NU Reflect