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Captions in ReCap

ReCap Captions

All learning resources should aim to be as accessible and inclusive as possible and the provision of captions for recordings is an important accessibility requirement.

Adding captions

  • From 24 September 2021 the ReCap service has automatically added ASR (automatic speech recognition) generated captions to all new, copied or moved recordings.
  • For recordings created before the 24 September 2021 the caption file will have been created but not added to the recording and so must be added by a creator. For guidance on adding captions, please see: Adding ASR Generated Captions

Accuracy of captions

The University recognises that the accuracy of automatically-generated captions varies depending on the audio quality, topic and speaker, and will not be 100% correct. 

The University also recognises that colleagues may have concerns regarding the publication of captions that are not 100% accurate.  However, it does not think correcting automatically-generated captions is an effective or proportionate activity and does not expect or require colleagues to edit or correct automatically-generated captions.

Students should be advised that they should not rely solely on the captions when viewing video content and should use them alongside other learning resources such as accompanying PowerPoint slides and wider readings to ensure they understand the topic and terminology used. 

Support is available via the Student Health and Wellbeing Team for those students who require accurate captions as part of a reasonable adjustment. Contact details are included in the University Captions Disclaimer.

Editing of captions 

While the editing of captions is not required it is possible to do so and captions can be deleted and edited by any colleague with creator access to the recording.   

Detailed guidance on the importance of captions, the captioning functionality of all University supported video creation systems and FAQs can be found in the captioning pages of the Learning and Teaching website.