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Workshops and Training

Events and learning opportunities to enhance your skills

NEW: A vision for education and skills at Newcastle University: Education for Life 2030+

Teaching, Recognition and Reward

Our LTDS Academic Practice Team run a series of webinars and workshops to support teaching and recognition.

Digital Learning and Teaching Webinars

LTDS offers a number of regular workshops and webinars to help you enhance your digital skills, integrate learning technologies into your teaching, and create rich, dynamic and engaging learning environments for your students. Expand an area of interest below to find out more about it and explore the workshops available.

Online Courses

LTDS also offers a range of fully online self-guided courses for all colleagues on a range of essential teaching and learning subjects.


Teams communties that you can join to share ideas, ask questions, and connect with your colleagues:

Digital technologies:

  • Canvas@Newcastle: stay informed of the latest Canvas updates and share your practice.
  • H5P@Community: join our community to get updates about H5P, ask questions and share practice.
  • Teams@Newcastle: keep up to date with the latest Teams news and events.
  • Zoom Community: for the latest Zoom announcements, a chance to ask questions, and regular updates about Zoom.

For a range of learning and teaching inspiration

  • Newcastle Educators: a peer-led community of educators, who value the opportunity to get together and discuss common interests. Regular EDUBITES events provide a great opportunity to bring the Community together.
  • NUTELA: Newcastle Univeristy Technology Enhanced Learning Advocates: an enthusiastic group of academic and professional service staff who deliver hands-on sessions where you can learn about and try technologies that you can use in your teaching.