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Learning and Teaching Conference

Date & Venue

April 18 2024, Herschel Building, Newcastle University


The 2024 Learning and Teaching Conference – Education for Life 2030 – A Vision for Education and Skills at Newcastle, will take place on Thursday 18th April 2024 in the Herschel Building in the heart of the Newcastle campus. You can now view the conference programme.

The conference is all about learning together, sharing effective practice, and exploring Education for Life 2030. Themes for the conference include:


  • To provide a core, universal offer for all students, including tailored provision where needed, to ensure equity of access, experience and in outcomes for all, regardless of background, identity, nationality, location, or mode of study.

Fit for the Future

  • Students - Embodied by our Education for Life Framework, provide an educational experience that ensures our students are fit for their future and the world in which they will live and work.
  • Teaching, learning and support - To ensure that our approaches are informed by developments in pedagogy and best practice and can meet the University's ambitions for its evolving portfolio, size, shape, and modes of delivery.
  • Colleagues - To provide an enabling environment that supports colleagues to have the skills and capacity to embrace the possibilities present in the future world of higher education.

Encounters with the Leading Edge

  • To put at the heart of our curriculum and learning experiences encounters with our world leading research and the leading edge of industry and practice.


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