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Academic Skills support for exams

We are approaching the University assessment period, and as you begin to prepare for your assessments and any upcoming exams, we are here with a range of tutorials and resources to help. Whether you need one-to-one guidance, an online workshop, or directions to relevant online resources, the Academic Skills Team is onhand to the end of term. 

Exam Clinic

The Exam Clinic is a three-day event on 17th-19th May, offering extra academic skills support for issues relating to exams and revision. The Teams will be available for 20-minute sessions to help you with any queries about assessments and exams, from the best way to prepare to strategies you can use on the day.

Book a slot in advance and choose whether you’d like to attend in person or online via Zoom. In addition to the pre-bookable slots, the team will be available to direct you to a range of our online resources, guide you to the support we have available and facilitate bookings for any remaining slots.

Explore online resources

The exams collection on the Academic Skills Kit is a selection of resources designed to help you get the best from exam season. It is designed to support you throughout the exam period, with guidance and resources covering every stage of the exam preparation process. Discover the most effective ways to revise and take notes, as well as ways to manage your time, motivation and wellbeing. Topics covered include:

  • which revision techniques are proven to work best
  • how to make notes that will help you reliably recall and retrieve information
  • how to manage your time more effectively 

Your Skills sessions for exam and revision techniques

The Your Skills Programme has sessions focusing on helping you prepare for any upcoming exams:

You will find more information about each session, the many more we have on offer this term, and be able to book your place in our events calendar.

Academic skills pop-ups

Alongside our regular bookable drop-ins, we will also be moving around various locations on Newcastle Campus for our academic skills pop-ups. In the coming weeks you will find us at Newcastle University Business School, Walton Library, Language Resource Centre, Law School and the Frederick Douglass Centre. There is no need to register in advance, just come along to ask us your questions. 

Not sure where to start?

If you have any questions about what we can offer or who you can speak to for help, you can get in touch with the Academic Skills Team. Live chat with us on the Academic Skills Kit, Monday to Friday 12:00-16:00, and we’ll point you in the right direction. 

Last updated 06 May 2022 16:00