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Giving to Medical Research

With your support, we continue to build strong medical research teams and encourage new research ideas.

For discovery and impact

Understanding health through medical research has been a key endeavour throughout history. Here at Newcastle, our research teams are working hard to investigate the diseases and health issues that impact us all, including: 

  • developing a new IVF technique to protect future generations from mitochondrial disease.
  • refining methods to diagnose and treat dementia.
  • discovering two new treatments for ovarian and bladder cancers.
  • revolutionising treatment of type 2 diabetes so that patients no longer need medication.

Funds raised by you help us go above and beyond what we can normally do. It enables us to:

  • buy the best laboratory equipment
  • develop new research facilities
  • provide studentships and fellowships for basic scientists and doctors

By donating to our health and wellbeing fund you will be helping people lead healthier, happier, longer lives. You can choose whether to give a one-off donation gifts or effect lasting change with a regular donation. Find out more and see the impact previous donations have made or to discuss making a donation please visit our Supporters website.