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Ageing and Geroscience

This theme aims to tackle the global challenge associated with increased ageing.

This world-class research will enable us all to live healthier, more fulfilling lives for longer.

Research excellence 

Newcastle University has a history of excellence in Ageing research. The scientific work of this theme takes a life-course approach to understanding ageing. This covers:

  • molecular mechanisms
  • determinants of health and disease
  • social justice
  • policy issues

Particular focus of the theme is to draw together a broad range of disciplines. These encompass:

  • clinical and experimental medicine
  • discovery science
  • epidemiology of ageing
  • policy research
  • primary care
  • social science
  • trials in older people

The breadth of research within the theme enables a joined-up approach. This ensures discovery science translates into patient and societal benefits. It is research that makes a difference.

Collaborative research

The theme also links to other parts of the University and the wider community. We lead collaborations with key stakeholders including:

  • councils
  • charities
  • national government bodies
  • the NHS
  • innovators
  • industry

Our collaborative research environment fosters:

  • personal growth
  • innovation
  • training
  • capacity

This helps to build an interdisciplinary setting.

World-class leadership

Our research strives to address the priorities of an ageing society. We put the needs and perspectives of older people first by engaging the public.

Our work is local, national and global. We provide world-class leadership in:

  • ageing research
  • agenda setting
  • advocacy

This ensures maximal impact on the health and wellbeing of people, whatever their age.