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Spud Fest

A celebration of the humble potato

In the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences at Newcastle University we undertake ground-breaking research across the natural sciences. Together with NU Farms, EcoBreed, our potato project collaborator, and supported by InnovateUK funded project “Enhanced health & nutrition through vertical farming”, we discover, develop and drive the latest innovations in plant and crop science.

Across our two University farms, we grow tonnes of potatoes every year as part of our world-leading research and we're inviting you to join us in celebrating the humble potato once again!

Spud Fest will showcase our research, while working alongside EcoBreed, EAT@Newcastle and Newcastle Food Bank to prevent any food waste resulting from the potato harvest. Any remaining potatoes from the Farms will be distributed to families in need with the help of Newcastle Food Bank.

This year Spud Fest will also mark the opening of an “Innovation Hub” for vertical farming, with a chance to grab free leafy greens as well as potatoes! Come along to find out about this new, exciting project and how local communities will benefit from the work being done.

Throughout the day there will be presentations, snippets of research, with posters, videos and models to explore along with games to take part in, free tasting samples of our cooked potatoes and a potato and leafy greens harvest market.

Sponsors and Partners