Comparative Biology Centre

Comparative Biology Centre

The Comparative Biology Centre (CBC) provides facilities for the use of animals in biomedical research.

The University uses animals in research only when there are no realistic alternatives, and always seeks to apply the 3Rs which are:

  • replacing animals in research when possible
  • reducing the numbers used, and
  • refining animal use so that studies cause the minimum of pain and distress

Animal research policy

To support our policy on the use of animals, CBC ensures that all animals are housed and cared for in a way that promotes their well being, and that all research work is carried out in a manner that minimises any adverse effects on the animals. We also make sure that all research work is carried out in compliance with the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 and its associated Codes of Practice.

Animal welfare research

We also carry out an internationally recognised programme of research in the field of laboratory animal science and welfare. This research has the goal of advancing animal welfare science, and of underpinning the humane use of animals within science and within the university. Find out more about our Animal Welfare Research (PAWS).

Further information:

For more information on the CBC please contact our office.