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Our Postgraduate Researchers

Janine Maddison, PhD

Supervisors: Dr Sara Marsham and Dr Richard Bevan

Project title: Investigating the pedagogic benefit of the virtual world to enhance fieldwork.

My research involves utilising student voice and stakeholder analysis, including a review of the literature, to define fieldwork approaches to produce a model of fieldwork post-Covid 19 and identify pedagogic challenges present within existing Bioscience fieldwork. I am developing four technology-enhanced fieldwork approaches to address learner pedagogic challenges and enhance the fieldwork experience. This includes user testing which values student voice to refine digital fieldwork approaches, and monitoring their impact on learners and effectiveness of addressing the pedagogic challenge.


I also aim to produce resources, guides and communication tools to disseminate learning and embed digital fieldwork approaches within existing fieldwork offered at Newcastle University.


Contact information


Twitter: @janine_maddison