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Dr Abdul Chaudhry

Senior Lecturer



Dr Abdul Shakoor Chaudhry has conducted research, teaching and engagement at universities of Newcastle, Queensland, Bristol, Cambridge and Faisalabad. He has initiated, managed and completed numerous research and training projects. These projects were funded by different Feed and Biotechnology companies, National & International Governments, Charitable trusts, Research Bodies, World (Asian) and Islamic Development Banks and Universities etc. His research has mainly focused on the role of foods in either sustaining or improving animal performance in various situations. Dr Chaudhry was able to develop non-invasive Bio-Molecular methods to test the quality of animal foods in supplying essential nutrients to various animals at different stages of their growth and development. Dietary manipulation to reduce pollution from farm animals has also been a vital area of his research. He has coordinated 2 International training programmes in Australia (1996-98) and 3 Higher Education Links here at Newcastle (2002-5 & 2007-10). Moreover, he leads British Council & HEC funded INSPIRE and TNE projects jointly with colleagues at GCUF (2011-18). Recently, his research with 'spices to modify methane' has received a huge media attention. His invited interviews with CNN's Connect the World, BBC Look North, many BBC radios, New Zealand radio and many print and electronic papers are a few examples of the impact of his research. Search INTERNET for 'sheep and spices' to view 100's of news items as a reflection of the societal & sustainable relevance of his research for the UK and worldwide.

Google Scholar:

Area of Expertise

Animal Nutrition, Food Quality and The Environment (Ruminants, Poultry, Fish & Water) 

Roles and Responsibilities

Chair, Board of Studies for AFRD MSc Programmes (until 2017)

Senior Tutor, SNES MSc Taught Programmes

Chair, Board of Examiners AESC

Chair, Moderation Board AESC

Chair, ASSC PEC Committee

Personal Tutor, Undergraduate Students

Member Board of Studies & Board of Examiners for Agriculture and Animal Science Degree Programmes 

Academic (T&R) member SNES EDI Committee

Postgraduate Research Selector and a Member of Postgraduate Strategy Committee

Module Leader of 3 and contributor of several  UG teaching modules

Principle or Co-Investigator of numerous sponsored research projects 

Lead supervisor of numerous funded PhD, Occasional PG & Postdoctoral research projects


Registered Animal Scientist (RSB & BSAS)

Fellow, Cambridge Philosophical Society (UK)

Fellow, Cambridge Commonwealth Society (UK)

PhD, Animal Nutrition, University of Cambridge, UK

MSc (Hon) Poultry Nutrition & Physiology (First Class, Faisalabad)

BSc (Hon) Animal Husbandry (First Class, Faisalabad)

Previous Positions

University of Queensland (Australia)
Queensland Government (Australia)
University of Bristol (UK)
University of Cambridge (UK)
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (Pakistan)
ARBOR ACRES Poultry Breeding Ltd (70,000 Broiler Breeders) Pakistan


Fellow, Cambridge Commonwealth Society (since 1990)
Fellow & Life Member, Cambridge Philosophical Society
Member, British Society of Animal Science (Since 1986)
Life Member, Nutritionists Association of Pakistan (since 2003)
Member, Australian Society of Animal Production (1995-98)
Member, British Nutrition Society (1986-96)
Associate Member, Institute of Biology (1987-93)

Honours and Awards

Invited Keynote Speaker Award (International Fisheries & Aquaculture Conference, 2019)

Plenary Lecture Award (37th Pakistan Congress of Zoology, 2017)

Adjunct Professor, GCUF (2017-)

Dr. M. Ali Award, GCUF (2017)

International Speaker Award under BC-HEC funded project, GCUF (2016)

Registered Animal Scientist (BSAS & Royal Society of Biology, 2012)

Professor M. Faisal Award (Cairo, Egypt, 2011)

Greenhouse Gases and Animal Agriculture Travel Award (Banff, Canada, 2010)

Invited Speaker Award at International Conference "Future Prospectus of Dairy Production in Pakistan" (2008)

Fellow of Higher Education Academy (UK, 2007)

UQ Fellowship (Australia, 1995-98)

Jerry Hughes Memorial Scholarship Awarded by BSAS & Altech (USA, 1993)

World Congress of Animal Production Travel Fellowship (Alberta, Canada, 1993)

Fellow, Cambridge Philosophical Society, (UK, 1991)

A J Keith Fund Award (Cambridge, 1989)

ORS Award (UK, 1985-89)

Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Award (UK, 1985-89)

Allama Iqbal Trust Award (1985-89)


English, Urdu and Punjabi

Informal Interests

Current Affairs, Gardening & Exotic Foods


Research Interests

Animal nutrition, feeding systems and welfare
Reducing methane and nutrient wastage from ruminants
In vitro studies and Bio-Molecular techniques
Rumen fungi, Enzymes and Food utilisation
Water Pollution & Aquatic Life

Novel foods and anti-nutrients
Equine, Poultry and Fish Studies

Other Expertise

Computerised data manipulation & management; Science training and education in developing countries; Coordination of International projects and training programmes;

Current Work  

"Ethnobotanical and Nutritional evaluation of indigenous plants for ruminants"

"Fungal use for ruminant feeds" funded by Nigerian Govt. 

"Water Hygiene for Broilers" funded by Antec /DuPont

"Saffmannans for weaned lambs" Funded by Caltech & Scotmin

"Transnational Education Partnership between Newcastle & GCUF" 

(TNE304: (TNE304; )

"Fish as a bio-indicator of freshwater pollution" British Council funded INSPIRE Strategic Partnership with GC University Faisalabad (INSPIRE SP174

"Green & Black Tea by-products for ruminants" funded by Indonesian Govt  

" Distillers dark grains with solubles & Enzymes for broilers" funded by McArthur Foundation, Kano State & Nigerian Govt.

"Coccidiosis in Poultry" funded by Libyan Government 

Completed Work Since 2005

"Nutritional enhancement of Chinese forages and crop residues" funded by China Scholarship Council (2015)

"Probiotics and Mycotoxins in Animal Feeds" funded by Iraqi Government (2014)

"BioNutritional enrichment of fibrous feeds" funded by HEC (2013)

"Microbial Supplements for Dairy Cattle" funded by Donaghy's of Newzealand (2012)

"Sheep for meat Production" funded by HEC (completed in 2011)

"Capacity building in molecular biology for fish production" British Council/HEC funded JHELP with GCUF (completed in 2010)

"Capacity building in molecular genetics" BC/HEC funded JHELP with UAF (completed in 2010)

"Spices as Novel foods for ruminants" funded by Perry Foundation, NIPS and ORS (completed in 2011)

"Sustainable methods of moulting in laying hens" funded by HEC and Yorkshire Agricultural Society (completed in 2008)

"Herbal supplements for chickens" funded by a Global Industry (completed in 2010)

"Broiler Production" funded by HEC (completed in 2009)
"Biomolecular aspects of metal toxicity in Rats" funded by IDB (completed in 2010)
"Fish Quality & Production" funded by HEC (completed in 2009)
"Nutritional evaluation of Wild Shrubs" funded by Brazilian Govt (2007-10)
"Alternative proteins for Fish production" funded by HEC (completed in 2008)
"Development of in vitro methods to characterise animal feeds"(completed in 2006)
"Feed blocks for forage fed ruminants" funded by Caltech (completed in 2006)
"Evaluation of non edible legume residues as chicken feeds" KTP funded (completed in 2009)
"Improving feed utilisation" funded by Libyan Government (completed in 2009)

Research Roles

Lead, Advise and Supervise funded research and student projects.

Postgraduate Supervision

Current PhD students

Mrs. Amarachi Ogbonna "Diets and UV light as sources of vit D3 for broilers' (2019-)

Mr. Mathia Ottosen "Integrative Life cycle Assessment with Genetic Selection to reduce Environmental Impacts of Pig Production" Funded by Era-Net SusPig (2017-) 

Mrs. Fazhana Binte Ismail, funded PhD "Poultry Nutrition" (2014-) 

Mr. A.M.A. Moftah, funded PhD "Coccidiosis in Poultry" (2010-)

PhD awards since 2005

Dr. Toluwalase Anthony Aiyelari, PhD Award, July 2020 " Rapeseed Meal as an Alternative Protein source for Zebra fish" (Nigerian Government & TETSFUND)

Dr. Oluwaseun Janet Bolaji, PhD Award, July 2019, "Fungal Treatments to improve the Nutritional value of Tropical Forages for Ruminants" (Nigerian Government & TETSFUND)

Dr. Nidaa, PhD Award January 2019 "Ethnobotanical Evaluation of Fodder Grasses in Central Punjab Pakistan for Ruminants" (LCWU, Lahore Pakistan)

Dr. M Sohail, PhD award 2017, "Metal Nanoparticles for fish & mussels" funded by HEC (Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan)

Dr Faisal Shezad, PhD  award Nov 2015 "Bio-nutritional enrichment of Forages" (Univ. Veterinary & Animal Sciences Lahore)

Dr. Nuhu Bello Rano PhD award 2015 "Distillers grains and Enzymes for Broilers"
Dr. D Ramdani, PhD Award 2014 "Green & Black tea by-products for Ruminants " 

Dr. M Wasim Sajid, PhD award 2014 "Milk Quality" (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad)

Dr. M Abdullah Shakir, PhD award 2013 "Fresh water pollution & Fish Quality in river Ravi" (Punjab University, Lahore)

Dr. H L Neto, PhD award 2013 "Brazilian Wild Shrubs"
Dr. M M H Khan, PhD Award 2010 "Spices for ruminants"
Dr. A F M Shirif, PhD Award 2009 "Improving forage nutritive value"
Dr. M. Kinston, PhD award 2006 "Forage Diversity for sheep"

Dr. R Mohamed, PhD Award 2005 "In vitro methods for protein digestion"

Pre- & Post doctoral Fellows Plus Occasional PG:

Nidaa, funded Occasional PG "Nutritional evaluation of wild plants for ruminants" (2017)

Khurram Shahzad, funded Occasional PG "Nanoparticles for Tilapia" (2016)

M Sohail, funded Occasional PGR "Metal toxicity in Mussles" (2015)

Akeel Abd Al Mujbel, funded Occasional PGR "Probiotics to check Feed Mycotoxins" (2014)

M Wasim Sajid HEC funded "Milk Processing & Quality" (2013-14)

Dr. Sujiang Zhang, China Scholarship Commission Funded post-doc (2013-14) 

F Shahzad, HEC funded 'BioNutritional enrichment of fibrous feeds' (2012)

Dr. M A Shabbir, NIFSAT funded 'Vegetable sources of fatty acids' (2012)

Dr. M Boga, Turkish Govt /ADANA Uni funded 'Forages for ruminants' (2012)

Dr B Sidhu, DIKTI funded 'Copra meal for Poultry' (2011)

Abdullah Shakir, HEC funded Pre-doc Scholar for 'Metals & Freshwater Fish' (2011)

Dr. M.I. Mustafa, HEC funded Post-doc 'Sheep for meat production' (2011)

Dr. F Jabeen, ISDB Funded Post-doc 'Using rats for metal toxicity' (2009-10)

Dr. M.R. Virk, Funded Post-doc 'Novel Tropical Feeds for ruminants' (2009-10)
Dr. M.S. Anjum, Funded Post-doc on 'Enzymes for chickens' (2008-9)
Dr. F. Jabeen, HEC funded Post-doc on 'Fish Quality & Production' (2007-8)
Dr. S. Sultana, HEC funded Post-doc on 'Fish Nutrition' (2007-8)
Dr. M Yousaf, HEC funded Post-doc on 'Moulting in Poultry' (2006-7)
Dr. M Rezaeian, funded fellowhip from Iran on Rumen Function (2004-5)
Mr. Thomas Pecqueur, ENSA (France) funded research in Animal Nutrition techniques

Esteem Indicators

  • Keynote Address "Herbs and Plants for Food & Health" Multidisciplinary Conference, Okara University, 10 December 2020 (Virtual- Zoom)

  • Co-organised 3rd Int'l Conference on Applied Zoology, Quid-e-Azam University Islamabad 7th December 2020.(Virtual- Zoom).

  •  Keynote Speaker "Sustainable Animal Production and Food Security" Int'l Conference on Research and Post-Pandemic Impacts, Virtual University Pakistan, 7th October 2020 (Online

  • Keynote Speaker "Diets to Modify Methane in Ruminants" Int'l Congress on Domestic Animal Breeding, Genetics and Husbandry (ICABGEH) IZMIR, Turkey (Virtual- zoom, August 2020)

  • Invited Speaker, Sustainable Livestock Production and Developing Countries Perspective" UKRI-UPSIGN invited Workshop, Marriott Hotel, Islamabad. 9-13 March 2020.

  • Keynote Speaker "Dietary means to manipulate Methane Emission from Ruminants" 2nd In'l Conference Applied Zoology (ICAZ 2019), 20-22 December 2019. GCUF.

  • Plenary Address "Food & Nutrition for Health and Sport" 1st Int'l conference on Physical Activity, Sports and Recreation (ICPASR), Allama Iqbal Auditorium, GCUF.17-18 Dec 2019, .

  • Keynote Address "Novel Additives to Replace Antibiotics for Sustainable Animal Production" 1st Int'l Livestock Conference, Antalya, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Turkey 30Oct-2 Nov 2019. 

  • Keynote Speaker "Dietary Manipulation of Methane Production from Ruminants" 5th Int'l Agricultural Congress, Istanbul, 20-25 August 2019.

  • Keynote Address "Sustainable Fish Production and Challenges" International Fisheries and Aquaculture Conference and Expo (IFACE2019), Flatties Hotel, Lahore, January 2019.

  • Plenary Address "Sustainable Poultry Production" at 1st Int'l Conference on Applied Zoology (ICAZ 2018) Faisalabad

  • Two part-sponsored Posters "International Connections for sustainable Education" Going Global Conference Kuala Lumper Malaysia 2-4 May 18.

  • Chaired Oral presentation session "Monogastrics-Innovation, Raw Materials & Enzymes II' BSAS conference Dublin, Ireland 9 April 2018

  • Chaired Digital Poster Session on "Multiple Animal Science Topics" at BSAS Conference Dublin, Ireland 10 April 2018 

  • Plenary talk "Challenges & Opportunities in Animal Feed Industry" Int'l Seminar GCUF 20 Dec 2017

  • Invited Presenter at Going Global 2017 conference at Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London (22-24 May 2017)

  • Chaired BSAS-Academia Association Breakfast at  BSAS/WPSA conference at Chester on 26-27 April 2017

  • Plenary Speaker at 37th Pakistan Zoology Congress (28 Feb -2 March 2017)

  • Invited seminar and multiple visits plus convocation at GCUF (12-24 December 2016)

  • Invited series of seminars, visits and consultations at Tarim University and Xinjiang Province of China (September 2016) 

  • Chaired "Rumen Function In vitro" session BSAS/WPSA/AHDB at University of Chester on 6-7 April 2016

  • Invited Seminars, Workshops and Round Table discussions at GC University Faisalabad, Punjab Fisheries Department, Government Boys and Girls Colleges in Issa Khel, Chashma and Mianwali in 12-27 December 2015

  • Invited participation at the Animal Health  and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Network in Reading in June 2015 

  • Invited attendance at the 'Feed' Workshop at Reading University in June 2015

  • Invited round table discussion via skype at the BC funded knowledge sharing session at GCU Lahore in May 2015

  • Chaired "Rumen Fermentation In vitro " session at BSAS /AVTWR conference at Chester on 14-15 April 2015

  • Invited address at International seminar on "The role of Allied health professionals" at GCUF on 16 Oct 2014

  •  Invited panel for the "sustainable ruminant protein feeds" at University of Edinburgh in May 2014

  •  Invited stakeholder for the BC funded South Asia Education Dialogue at Avari Lahore 6-9 May 14

  • Chaired "Ruminant Science" session at BSAS /AVTWR conference in Nottingham, 28-30 April 14

  • Invited panel  for the BC funded "INSPIRE Project Managers Forum' in Leicester University, 27-28 Feb 2014

  • Chaired the 'Animal Science Issues' session at BSAS & AVTWR in April 2013

  • Invited paper at Going Global 2013 in UAE in March 2013

  • Chaired a session on 'Food Processing & Preservation' at Int'l Nutrition Conference, GCUF in Dec 2012

  • Invited address on 'Global Fish Industry' at GCUF conference in July 2012 
  • Chaired 'Poultry Nutrition and Production' session at BSAS Nottingham in April 2012 
  • Inaugural address for the INSPIRE project at GCUF in November 2011
  • Elected Council & Programme Committee Member, British Society of Animal Science (since April 2011) 
  • Chaired a Feed Science Forum session at the NEC dairy event on 6th August 2011 
  • Joint Partner, for BC funded Knowledge Exchange partnership, SPEKE, with GCUF (2012-14) 
  • Lead Partner for the BC funded Strategic partnership for Research & Education  (2011-14)
  • Dr Chaudhry's research 'spices to reduce methane' has been broadcasted by CNN's Becky Anderson, BBC Look North, BBC radio 4, BBC 5 Live, BBC radio Gloucestershire, New Zealand radio and most major print & electronic papers of the UK with millions of potentials viewers, listeners and readers worldwide. Search INTERNET for 'sheep & spices' to read 100's of news items with 1000's of hits.
  • Invited paper at Greenhouse Gases and Animal Agriculture, Canada in October 2010
  • Invited to Jointly conduct the BC/HEC funded JHELP workshop at GCUF on 8-19 Jan 2010
  • Guest of Honour & Co-Chair, Dairy Nutrition session for International Dairy Conference at Faisalabad on 3-4 November 2008
  • Co-organised Second workshop on "Genetic Resources and Molecular Techniques in Animal Production' at UAF in October 2008
  • Invited review & facilitation of Second workshop on 'Molecular techniques to assess fish meat quality' at GC University Faisalabad in August 2008.
  • Invited plenary speaker at 45 Annual meeting of Brazilian Society of Animal Science in LAVRAS, BRAZIL (2008)
  • Delivered an Inaugural Speech & a series of Technical Lectures at the First workshop on "Techniques for Molecular Genetics animal Production' at UAF in March 2008
  • Inaugural address at the First BC/HEC funded Workshop on " Techniques to estimate the quality of Animal Foods by using Bio-molecular methods" at the GCUF, Pakistan on 6 August 2007.
  • Organised a Workshop "Techniques to estimate the quality of Animal Foods by using Bio-molecular methods" at the GCUF Pakistan on 6-8 August 2007.
  • Invited review of the BC/HEC funded JHELP project on "Capacity building of the GCUF staff in the field of molecular biology to enhance fish production" from 1-15 August 2007.
  • UK Link Coordinator 1, BC & HEC funded Joint Higher Education Link Programme (JHELP) with GC University Faisalabad (2006-9)
  • UK Link Coordinator 2, BC/HEC funded JHELP with UAF (2007-9)
  • Consultant /Coordinator DFID/BC funded Higher Education Link (2002-5)
  • Keynote address at the BC/DFID funded workshop on 'Impact assessment of field studies' at Faisalabad, Pakistan (20th March 2004)

External PhD and Internal MSc or UG Examiner 

Examined numerous UK and International PhD, Masters and UG students as an Internal and External examiner

Editorial Roles

Journal of Molecular Bio-markers & Diagnostics (since 2010)

The Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences (since 2003)

Journal of Agricultural Science & Technology (since 2006)

Peer Review for Scientific Journals and Funding Bodies

Animal Feed Science & Technology
Animal Production Science
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

Journal of Agricultural Science

Journal of Animal Science

Journal of Dairy Science
Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture
Livestock Research for Rural Development

Pakistan Journal of Zoology

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture

Toxicology and Industrial Health

Reviewer DEFRA funded research 'Sustainable Livestock Farming' (since 2008)

Invited Reviewer, Grant Applications for NC3RS (since 2004)

Member Review Panel for BBSRC grant applications(since 2006)

Member, Review Panel Romanian Funding Council (since December 2011) 


Feed Industry, Yorkshire Agricultural Society, Islamic Development Bank, Pakistan Higher Education Commission, KTP, Perry Foundation, British Council, International Governments (e.g. Chinese, French, Libyan, Brazilian, Bangladeshi, Nigerian, Indonesian, Iraqi, Irani, Malaysian & Turkish Governments), Newcastle University, Dairy Research & Development Corporation of Australia

Industrial Relevance

Most of Dr Chaudhry's research is related to the Animal & Feed industry and methane as one of the Green House Gases. The research is relevant to Livestock Production with a focus on Society & Sustainable Environment.


Undergraduate Teaching

ACE1021 Animal Health (ML)

ACE1042 Animal Health (Module Leader)

ACE1044 Introduction to Animal Physiology

ACE2028 Animal Feed Science and Technology (Module Leader)

ACE2030 Data Analysis & Interpretation (Module Leader)
ACE2033 Equine Studies (Module Leader)
ACE2035 Companion Animals

ACE2043 Non Ruminant Livestock (Fish Production)

ACE2064 Sustainable Livestock Systems (Poultry Production)

ACE3204 Applied Animal Nutrition (Module Leader)

ACE3096/3097 Animal Science Research Project

ACE2098 Animal Production Science Dissertation