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Staff Profile

Dr Geoffrey Abbott

Reader in Organic Geochemistry

Dr Sanem Acikalin Cartigny

Lecturer in Geology

Helen Adamson

Director of Postgraduate Research, Lecturer in agri-ecosystems


Visiting Researcher

Carol Andrew

Education Assistant Manager

Dr Vasilios Andriotis

Lecturer in Metabolic Biochemistry

Dr Francisco Areal

Senior Lecturer in Agricultural Economic

Neil Armstrong

Master of the Research Vessel

Professor Lucy Asher

Professor of Behaviour Informatics

Dr Ibrahim Assaf

Visiting Researcher

Daniel Austin

School Education Administrator

Sarah Banks

Outstations Manager

Emeritus Professor Jerry Barnes

Professor of Environmental Biology

Dr Andrew Beard

DELT and Lecturer in Animal Production Science

Professor Andrew Benniston

Acting Head of School

Professor Per Berggren

Chair of Marine Megafauna Conservation

Dr Richard Bevan

Senior Lecturer

Ewelina Bien

Biological Teaching Technician

Dr Paul Bilsborrow

Senior Lecturer

Professor Neil Boonham

Chair of Applied Crop Science

Dr Timothy Boswell

Senior Lecturer

Mark Brett

Animal Research Team Leader

Dr Agnieszka Bronowska

Senior Lecturer in Computational Medicinal Chemistry

Professor Giles Budge


Professor Grant Burgess

Professor of Marine Biotechnology

Gillian Butler

Professor John Bythell

Prof of Coral Reef Biology

Dr Gary Caldwell

Senior Lecturer in Applied Marine Biology

Dr Celine Cano

Reader in Medicinal Chemistry

Dr Michael Carroll

Senior Lecturer

Dr Toni Carruthers

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Jess Chapman

Education Assisstant

Rachel Chapman


Dr Alex Charlton

Senior Analytical Technician

Dr Abdul Chaudhry

Senior Lecturer

Karl Christensen

Dr Beate Christgen

Senior Researcher in Geomicrobiology

Professor Tony Clare

Professor of Marine Science

Dr Beth Clark

Lecturer in Food Marketing

Emeritus Professor Bill Clegg

Senior Research Investigator

Dr Daniel Cole

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

Dr Orla Collins

Degree Programme Director (DPD) BSc Food Business Management and Marketing

Dr Martin Cooke

Director Postgraduate Studies

Dr Julia Cooper

Lecturer in Soil Science

Victoria Coulson

School Education Manager

Jill Cowans

Outstations Operations Assistant

Dr Fabio Cucinotta

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Dr Fiona Cuskin

Lecturer in Metabolic Biochemistry

Dr Hannah Davis

Lecturer in Ruminant Nutrition

Gillian Davison

Senior Botanical Research Technician

Dr James Dawson

NU Academic Track Fellow (NUAcT)

Dr Jane Delany

Senior Lecturer/Head of Dove Marine Laboratory

Dr Alex Dickinson

Dr Casey Dixon

Senior Analytical Technician (NMR)

Dr Simon Doherty

Senior Lecturer

Dr Catherine Douglas

Lecturer and Degree Programme Director Animal Science

David Earley

Senior Chemical UG/PGT Lab Technician

Dr Martin Edwards

Emeritus Professor Alasdair Edwards

Professor of Coral Reef Ecology

Emerita Professor Sandra Edwards

Emerita Professor

Professor Robert Edwards

Head of School - Institute Director, IAFRI

Dr Osama El-Zubir

Research Associate

Dr Julien Eng

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant

Dr Johan Eriksson

Lecturer in Chemistry

Dr John Errington

Reader Metalorganic Chemistry

Professor Darren Evans

Professor of Ecology and Conservation

Dr John Finlay

Research Associate

Professor Clare Fitzsimmons

Professor of Marine Ecosystems and Governance

Dr Shannon Flynn

Lecturer in Inorganic Geochemistry

Dr Richard Francksen

Research Associate

Dr Jeremy Robert Franks

Senior Lecturer

Dr Marina Freitag

Reader in Energy Materials

Professor Lynn Frewer

Professor of Food & Society

Dr David Fulton

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

Professor Guy Garrod

Professor of Environmental and Rural Studies

Professor Angharad MR Gatehouse

Professor of Invertebrate Molecular Biology

Dr Rachel Gaulton

Senior Lecturer in Remote Sensing

Dr Dave George

Reader in Precision Agronomy

Professor Elizabeth Gibson

Professor of Energy Materials

Dr Menelaos Gkartzios

Reader in Planning & Rural Development

Dr Alina Goldberg Cavalleri

Research Associate

Emeritus Professor Michael Goodfellow

Senior Research Investigator

Emeritus Professor Morris Gosling

Emeritus Professor

Dr Jennyfer Goujon-Ricci

Research Associate

Professor Neil Gray

Professor of Geomicrobiology

Dr Helen Gray

Research Associate

Jane Grayson

Education Administrator

Dr James Guest

ERC Research Fellow

Dr Jonathan Guy

Senior Lecturer

Dr Ethan Hack

Senior Lecturer

Dr Jerry Hagon

Dr Michael Hall

Reader in Organic & Biological Chemistry

Gavin Hall

Senior Botanical Research Technician

Katherine Halliday Rowell

Farms Support Assistant

Dr Ian Hardcastle

Reader in Medicinal Chemistry

Tom Harding

School Manager, Natural and Environmental Sciences

Dr Suzannah Harnor

Senior Research Associate

Emeritus Professor Anthony Harriman

Emeritus Professor

Emeritus Professor David Harvey

Professor Emeritus

Kerry Harvey

Executive Support Administrator

Professor Ian Head

Dean of Research & Innovation

Kate Henderson

School Admissions Co-ordinator

Dr Lee Higham

Senior Lecturer and SNES Academic Lead for Employability and Enterprise

Johny Hilaire

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow

Rachel Irlam

Kin Lok Ho

Research Assistant (Chemistry)

Dr Ben Horrocks

Reader in Physical Chemistry

Professor Andrew Houlton

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Dr Thomas Howard

Senior Lecturer, Group Lead Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Dr Carmen Hubbard

Reader in Agricultural Economics and Policy

Louise Hurst

Deputy School Manager (Education)

Dr Mark Ireland

Lecturer in Energy Geoscience and Associate Dean Global Partnerships (SAgE Faculty)

Dr Keith Izod

Reader in Main Group Chemistry

Dr Evelyn Jensen

Lecturer in Molecular Ecology

Dr Martin Jones

Analytical Facilities Manager

Dr Glyn Jones

Environmental economist, Fera

Dr Maxim Kapralov

Senior Lecturer

Professor Akane Kawamura

Professor of Chemical Biology

Dr Helen Kendall

Research Associate

Dr James Kitson

Research Associate

Professor Hans-Peter Klenk

Professor of Microbial Genomics and Diversity

Dr Julian Knight

Senior Lecturer

Dr James Knight

Lecturer in Radiochemistry

John Knowles

Marine Laboratory Technician/ Boat Crew

Dr Hanno Kossen

Lecturer in Chemistry

Dr Sharron Kuznesof

Senior Lecturer

Roy Lamb

School Health and Safety Officer

Dr Matthew Leach

Deborah Leitch

INE Project Coordinator

Hannah Lloyd-Hartley

Research Assistant (Dove Time Series)

Dr Samuel Logan

Plant Research Team Leader/Deputy Technical Manager

Dr Elisa Lopez-Capel

Senior Lecturer in Soil Science

Dr Erli Lu

NU Academic Track Fellow (NUAcT)

Dr Andrew Temple

Research Associate

Claire Machin-Davies

Faculty (School) Finance Bus Prtnr

Fiona Maclachlan

Senior Biological UG/PGT Lab Technician

Dr Kate Madden

NUAcT Fellow: Drug Discovery

Dr Louise Mair

NUAcT Research Fellow

Emma Malcolm

Animal Science Technical Team Leader

Yassir Malik

Marketing Manager

Dr Chiara Maniaci

BBSRC Discovery Fellow

Helen Mann

Senior Chemical UG/PGT Lab Technician

Professor David Manning

Professor of Soil Science

Dr Jon Marles-Wright

Senior Lecturer

Anne Marques

Dr Sara Marsham

Acting Dean of Education, SAgE Faculty; Reader in Bioscience Education

Helen Martin

Senior Research Technician

Dr Tom McAllister

Royal Society University Research Fellow

Emeritus Professor William McFarlane

Emeritus Professor

Professor Philip McGowan

Dean for Engagement and Internationalisation, Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering; Professor of Conservation Science and Policy

Dr Kirsty McInnes

Research Fellow

Dr Zuleykha McMillan

Peter McParlin

Biological Research Technician

Demelza Menendez Vega

Technical Team Leader Biological labs

Professor Aileen Mill

Professor in Modelling, Evidence and Policy

Dr Amy Miller

Senior Research Associate

Duncan Miller

Senior Research Associate

Dr Kirsten Miller

Dr Diogo Monjardino De Souza Monteiro

Senior Lecturer in Agribusiness

Professor Pip Moore

Professor of Marine Science

Dr Miguel Morales Maqueda

Senior Lecturer in Oceanography

Dr Simone Mordue

Research Associate

Dr Ellen Moss

Research Associate

Dr Cristina Navarro Reguero

Lecturer in Chemistry

Professor Sarah O'Brien

Prof of Translational Agritechnology

Dr Mercy Ojo

Research Associate

Dr Nawaporn Onkokesung

Research Associate

Dr Elizabeth Oughton

Principal Research Associate

Dr Pawel Palmowski

Research Associate

Dr Luca Panzone

Senior lecturer in Consumer Behaviour

Simon Parker

Nicky Parker

Assistant Research Officer Farm Business Survey

Dr Magda Pascual-Borras

Research Associate

Dr Zarah Pattison

Lecturer Ecological & Environmental Sci

Dr Katharina Pazos Don Pedro

Research Assistant/Associate

Dr Simon Peacock

Lecturer in Environmental Science

Barry Pearson

First Mate/Standby Skipper Res. Vessel

Professor Thomas Penfold

Professor in Computational Chemistry

Dr Marion Pfeifer

Associate Professor, Landscape Ecology and Management

Professor Jeremy Phillipson

Prof of Rural Development

Dr Cecilia Piergentili

Research Associate

Dr Andrew Pike

Director of Expertise - Chemistry

Dr Thomas Pope

Research Associate

Dr Ankush Prashar

Senior Lecturer in Crop Science

Marion Prieri

Research Associate

Dr Mike Probert

Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, Head of Crystallography

Dr Amy Proctor

Marian Raley

Research Associate

Conor Rankine

Dr Chris Redfern

Emeritus Professor

Professor Mark Reed

Prof of Socio-Technical Innovation

Dr William Reid

Lecturer in Marine Biology and Biologica

Caroline Rhymer

Research Associate

Dr Philippa Rickard

Research Associate

Emeritus Professor Christopher Ritson

Emeritus Professor

Amy Roberts

Chemical Lab Team Leader

Dr Pete Robertson

Professor of Practice - Wildlife Management

Michael Robinson

Greenhouse and Research Technician

Pablo Rojas Martinez

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow

Dr Frances Rowe

Research Associate

Alison Rowntree

School Postgraduate Research Administrat

Professor Stephen Rushton

Prof of Biological Modelling

Ferran Salavert

Dr James Sanderson

Research Associate

Dr Roy Sanderson

Senior Lecturer in Biological Modelling

Katy Sawyer

Operations Coordinator (Events and Communications)

Charles Scott

Manager of Farm Business Survey

Dr Mark Shirley

Professor Sally Shortall

Duke of Northumberland Professor of Rural Economy

Dr Nicola Simcock

Research Associate

Dr Janet Simkin

Julie Sleightholme

Operations Assistant

Sheralyn Smith

Senior Biological Teaching Technician

Dr Sarah Sommer

Dr Martin Spurr

Research Associate

Dr James Stach

Senior Lecturer

James Standen

Director of Farms

James Steele

Research Officer

Dr Gavin Stewart

Senior Lecturer in Evidence Synthesis

Dr Hannah Stewart

Senior Research Associate

Professor Ulrich Stimming

Professor of Physical Chemistry

David Stubbs

Clerical Assistant

Karen Stubbs

Executive Support Coordinator

Manon Sturbaut

Dr Heather Sugden

Dr Bruce Tattershall

Guest Member of Staff

Dr Tahar Taybi

Teaching Fellow

Professor Yit Arn Teh

Professor of Soil Science

Dr Jon Telling

Senior Lecturer in Geochem/Geomicrobio

Gayle Thompson

Operations Assistant

Dr Sophie Tindale

Research Associate

Dr Barbara Tocco

Senior Research Associate and NICRE Centre Manager

Dr Eimer Tuite

Senior Lecturer in Biophysical Chemistry

Dr Guenther Uher

Professor Robert Upstill-Goddard

Emeritus Professor of Marine Biogeochemistry

Dr Cees van der Land

Lecturer in Geosciences

Dr Miguel Velazquez

Lecturer in Reproductive Physiology

Alison Walker

Operations Co-Ordinator (Infrastructure)

Andrew Walker

Senior Research Laboratory Technician

Dr Nick Walker

Senior Lecturer

Dr Jiabin Wang

Research Associate

Professor Mike Waring

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Tracey Wetherell

Assistant Research Officer

David Whitaker

Technical Manager

Professor Mark Whittingham

Professor of Applied Ecology

Dr Benjamin Wigham

Lecturer in Marine Biology

Andrea Wilkinson

Research Associate in Global Challenges, UNSDGs and Small Island Developing States

Professor William Willats

Prof of Molecular Agri-Diagnostics

Dr Corinne Wills

Dr Kirsty Wilson

Research Associate

Phoebe Wreford-Glanvill

Assistant Research Officer

Dr Kirsten Wyness

UG Teaching Technical Team Leader

Dr Siji Kavil

Research Associate

Dr Catriona Anderson

NU Academic Track Fellow (NUAcT)

Dr Amelia Magistrali

Research Associate: Farmer Networks

Olivia Colborn

Postgraduate Research Administrator

Juliet Goss

Education Administrator

Linzi Mackay

Education Assistant

Dr Roly Armstrong


Dr Sarah Coulthard

Senior lecturer in marine social science

Professor Sam Wilson

Professor of Biogeochemistry

Dr Mark Booth

Senior Lecturer

Dr Jordan Cuff

Research Associate

Dr Matt Hopkinson

Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

Dan Armstrong

Senior Plant Research Technician

Louise Bartsch

Chemical Teaching Technician

Dr Amy Bell

Post Graduate Teaching Technical Team Leader

Luke Cartlidge

Senior Botanical Research Technician

Dan Curtis

Research Technician

Jessica Darling

Biological Teaching Technician

Jamie Gould

Sarah Greener

Biological Teaching Technician

Seann Keith

Sterile Services Support Technician

Liam Thompson

Research Technical Team Leader

Dr Mark Stevenson

Visiting Researcher

Daniel Hinds

Operations Administrator

Dr Isabel Smallegange

Senior Lecturer in Population Biology

Dr Patricia Lopez-Calcagno

Lecturer in Plant Biology

Dr Tony Baker

Biological Laboratory Technician

Melanie Thompson-Glen


Geraldine Crimmens

NICRE Operations Coordinator

Professor Matthew Gorton

Professor in Marketing

Dr Thao Nguyen

Research Associate in Quantitative Data

Dr Sara Maioli

Senior Lecturer in Economics and Director of Post-Graduate Research

Jaclyn Curry

Communications manager, National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise (NICRE)

Dr Andreas Giazitzoglu

Senior Lecturer.

Carla Benstead

Education Assistant

Allison Lawson

Outstations Operations Administrator

Ros Barr

Farms Support Assistant

Dr John Edgar

Research Associate

Dr Marie McIntyre

NUPAcT/FSA Fellow in Translational Food Safety

Rachel Barnett

Assistant Operations Manager

Dr Jessica Martin

Senior Lecturer

Dr Theresa Rueger

Lecturer in Tropical Marine Biology

Amy Angus

Events and Communications Administrator