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Dr Andrew Guerin

Research Associate



Andrew is a marine biologist with broad interests, but with a focus on marine biofouling. After a PhD at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton, researching the marine assemblages associated with North Sea offshore oil and gas platforms, he spent four years at the University of the Highlands and Islands, working on various projects concerning the potential impacts of the developing marine renewables sector (wave and tidal stream energy) in the north of Scotland. This included working on environmental appraisal documents for a tidal energy project, reviewing potential interactions between migrating Atlantic salmon and renewable energy arrays, and investigating the marine fouling assemblages on wave energy devices.

Current Role

Andrew is a member of the Marine Biofouling Research Laboratory. He is employed as part of the EC-funded SEAFRONT project, and is responsible for evaluating the performance of novel anti-fouling coatings. This work involves performing settlement and ease-of-removal assays using three model organisms: Balanus amphitrite (barnacle), Ulva linza (macroalga) and Navicula incerta (diatom).


PhD (Southampton) 2010

M.Res (Glasgow) 2004

B.Sc (St Andrews) 2002

Professional Memberships

Marine Biological Association (Mem.MBA)

Fisheries Society of the British Isles

British Ecological Society


Current Projects

EC SEAFRONT (Synergistic Fouling Control Technologies)