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Staff Profile

Dr Ankush Prashar

Lecturer in Crop Science


Ankush Prashar’s education and career thus far has been focussed on genetics and breeding for plant stress related traits. He graduated from the Punjab Agricultural University with a BSc in Agriculture (Hons in Soils Science), completed an MSc in Applied Genetics and PhD in Quantitative genetics and functional genomics from University of Birmingham. During his postdoctoral position at Cardiff University he worked on genetics of optical traits and 3D imaging in Avian model. In his previous job as Geneticist at The James Hutton Institute (previously Scottish Crop Research Institute), he was involved in developing tools and techniques for high throughput phenotyping to map stress traits in potato and soft fruit and associate these with high throughput genotyping.

For publications and citations please see my Google Scholar Profile


The aim of my current research is to understand the adaptive responses to stress in crops and deliver knowledge and tools to aid breeding for increased resilience to environmental stress conditions. This involves developing high throughput technology and methodology for phenotyping using imaging sensors and use these to fully exploit our ability to perform high throughput genotypic analysis. Thus my research work targets to bridge the gap between genetics and physiology. While understanding the genetic control of for plant stress, this will also allow us to build towards sustainable agriculture and application in precision farming.

Specific research questions to address and research building on:

  • High throughput Phenotyping methods using visual, multi and hyperspectral imaging tools.

  • Bridging gap between high throughput approaches (link with genetics and genomics)

  • Stress monitoring and crop management

  • Understanding adaptive response to plant stress

  • Modelling interactions GxExM by understanding diversity and link with commercially important traits

  • Breeding strategies and crop improvement  


Lecture in Crop Science related disciplines

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Degree Programme Director for BSc Honours in Applied Plant Science

  • ACE2024: Principles of Agronomy and Crop Improvement (Module Leader)

  • ACE1013: Introduction to Genetics

  • ACE1041: Investigating Agri-food Systems from Farm to Folk

Postgraduate Teaching

  • ACE8067: Organic Farming and Food Production Systems 

  • ACE8101: Food Security: Sustainable Food Production