School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Staff Profile

Dr Benjamin Wigham

Lecturer in Marine Biology


Roles and Responsibilities

Degree Programme Director - Marine Sciences

Research Vessel Manager
University Diving Officer


BSc Zoology University of Bristol
PhD Deep-Sea Biology University of Southampton

Previous Positions

2002 - 2004 Post-doctoral Researcher; National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
2004 - 2006 Post-doctoral Researcher; Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen


Undergraduate Teaching

  • MST1101 Marine Biology
  • MST1102 Diversity and Behaviour of Marine Animals (Module Leader)
  • MST1104 Marine Research Skills
  • MST2101 Marine Ecology
  • MST2102 Physiology, Reproduction and Adaptation in Marine Animals (Module Leader)
  • MST2104 Research and Employability Skills
  • MST2105 Marine Practical Skills
  • MST3101 Advanced Marine Biology
  • MST3102 Advanced Marine Zoology
  • MST3104 Research Project: Marine Biology
  • MST3105 Research Project: Marine Zoology
  • MST3107 Research Project: Overseas

Postgraduate Teaching

  • MST8022 Environmental Research Skills
  • MST8023 Marine Consultancy



Research Interests

Deep-Sea Biology and Ecology
Reproductive and larval ecology in deep-water and 'novel' habitats
Bentho-Pelagic coupling and it's role in regulating rate processes in deep water benthic invertebrates
Trophic structure of mid-ocean ridge communities
Development of technologies for deep-sea experimental biology
The role of sub-sea structures as artificial reefs in the North Sea
Non-destructive assessments of fish assemblages in North Sea no-trawl areas

Other Expertise

Industrial collaboration for scientific access to ROV technology and novel deep water habitats

Current Work


Postgraduate Supervision

William Reid - Macro-comsumer food web structure of mid-ocean ridge systems. Working on the NERC ECOMAR project in the North Atlantic. Investigating deep-sea food webs using a tri-stable isotope approach. NERC PhD studentship co-supervised with Prof. Nicholas Polunin.