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Duncan Miller

Senior Research Associate



After gaining an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry from the University of Nottingham, I took up a position in the Discovery Chemistry department of the Pfizer Sandwich labs. I worked across multiple therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, pain and sexual health. In 2002 I progressed to a medicinal chemistry team leader position, and subsequently assumed a Design Lead role, having responsibility and accountability for medicinal chemistry strategy and delivery on a key project. In 2011 I took up the opportunity of a three year secondment as a visiting researcher at Newcastle University to work with Professor Roger Griffin in the Newcastle Cancer Centre,  prosecuting new and challenging targets with the aim of developing new chemical tools for the validation of novel biological targets for cancer treatment. I subsequently assumed a role as a Senior Research Associate in the Newcastle Cancer Centre. I have extensive experience of designing compounds across target classes including protein-protein interaction inhibitors, bromodomain ligands, reversible and irreversible kinase inhibitors, centrally active GPCR agonists & antagonists, ion channel modulators, and enzyme inhibitors.

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The design and synthesis of novel probe molecules for validation of anti-cancer targets, and for lead optimisation studies.

Fragment based drug discovery.

Structure-based drug design.

Molecular-property-based drug design