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Dr Gavin Stewart

Senior Lecturer in Evidence Synthesis


I am interested in applied research synthesis (combining scientific information to inform policy). My research focuses on applying evidence-based methods to trans-disciplinary problems relating to sustainable development and food security. I also work on specific applications in healthcare, environmental and social science domains. Methodological work focuses on validating existing methods and developing new techniques for evidence synthesis (by means of systematic review and meta-analysis), and evidence contextualization (by means of decision and systems analysis). I collaborate with others to disseminate the methodologies of evidence-based practice across disciplines reflecting a belief in generic methods for evidence-based x (EBX). I hate p values and am a passionate advocate of both meta-analysis and open science. I am a co-author of the Handbook of Meta-analysis in ecology and evolution which provides a good starting point for those new to complex evidence synthesis.

I am an elected member of the Society for Research Synthesis Methods and associate editor of its journal, Research Synthesis Methods. I am the co-chair and senior editor of the Campbell Collaboration food security group; associate editor for PeerJ; statistical editor for the Cochrane Pain and Palliative Care Group.

 Outside of research synthesis, I enjoy fell/ultra running, mine exploration/rescue, gardening (particularly dwarf rhododendrons, arctic-alpines, and vegetables) and drinking beer and whisky. 

My >100 publications are listed on google scholar and available on research gate.



Carbon-Health Food systems tradeoffs. 2017. BBSRC. PI

Understanding Ecosystem stocks and tipping points. 2017. NERC. Co-I


Maximising global biodiversity gains. 2014. DEFRA. Co-I

Food Integrity. 2012. EC. Co-I.

Collab4Safety. 2011. EC. Co-I.


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