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Helen Adamson



I have been a research ecologist involved particularly with agri-environment and organic farming in the UK hills and uplands since 1991

Senior Tutor and Lecturer in agri-environment, grassland, upland habitats and ecosystems

I have been teaching since 2006 MA(Education)

Working towards staff PhD relating to restoration of upland bogs and mires

Skills lead in agriculture, environmental science and applied social science clusters of the School of Natural and Environmental Science

Chair of Kirkley Hall Board of Examiners and Deputy Chair for MSc Board of Examiners

Contact for Go Abroad and Study Abroad

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Research interests include

  • Upland habitats, agricultural ecology, particularly bogs and mires
  • Effects of grip blocking on vegetation of blanket bog
  • Methods for detecting changes in quality on bogs and mires
I have personal and student projects with
  • the Northumberland National Park on the restoration and conservation on Lampert Moss on the Northumberland/Cumbria border 
  • Natural England on methods for monitoring the condition of the Border Mires SSSI using standard and remote sensing techniques
  • North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on Sphagnum transplanting on bare peat



  • Grassland
  • Academic and Professional Skills
  • Ecology and Environment Research 
  • Environment and Land Use Field Class
  • Environment and Habitat Assesment Field Class
  • Ecosystems: Characteristics, Functions and Environmental Change


  • Academic Professional Skills
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Ecological Survey Techniques
  • Ecosystem Management

Nominated for NU Teaching Excellence Awards 2014 and 2018


  • Critchley CNR, Adamson HF, McLean BML, Davies OD. Vegetation dynamics and livestock performance in system-scale studies of sheep and cattle grazing on degraded upland wet heath. AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT 2008, 128(1-2), 59-67.