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Dr Ibrahim Assaf

Visiting Researcher


biography :

Professor Dr.Ibrahim Assaf

- Professor of Al-Furat University - Syria Deir Ezzor
- B.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences, Aleppo University, Syria, PhD from Institute of plant production named after V.Yuriev Ukrainian academy  of agrarian sciences
- From 1995 to 2000,  worked  at Tishreen University, Lattakia Syria, and from 2000 until 2006 in the second Faculty of Agriculture, Deir Ezzor, Aleppo University. After the establishment of Al-Furat University in 2006,  moved to work as lecturer and researcher there.
have supervised several postgraduate studies (MA and PhD) and implemented research projects in addition to teaching in Faculty of Agriculture as well as Faculty of Science and Education at Al-Furat University. 

Research interests:  are the physiology and production of crops, particularly physiology of nitrogen fixation, abiotic stresses in cereal and legume crops such as salinity, drought, low and high temperature stress.

- In March 2019 moved to Newcastle University at Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.   Currently working with colleagues at Faculty of Science, Agriculture & Engineering, School of Natural and Environmental Sciences on a research project : "assessing the physiological characteristics of crops using drones data and comparing them with field physiological studies".


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  • Assaf Ibrahim. Effect of salinity stress in germination and primary growth of the local genotype of fenugreek. Damascus University Journal for Agricultural Sciences-Biological Sciences Series 2009. In Preparation.
  • Assaf Ibrahim, shehmous Ahmed. Evaluation of the production efficiency of some certified varieties of barley in the first stability zone. Research Journal of Aleppo University 2009. In Preparation.
  • Assaf Ibrahin. Performance of fenugreek crop in The Euphrates valley under the effects of different agricultural techniques. Egyptian Journal for applied sciences 2009, 24(8). In Preparation.
  • Assaf Ibrahim. Performance of some varieties of Sorghum under the conditions of salinity stress". Research Journal of Aleppo University 2009. In Preparation.
  • Assaf I. Effect of planting and plant density in the production of FabaBean under the conditions of Deirazzor Governorate. Damascus University Journal for Agricultural sciences 2008. In Preparation.
  • Assaf I. Performance of some soyabean varieties in the Euphrates valley under the effect of different agricultural techniques. Tishreen University Journal for Research and Scientific studies- Agricultural Sciences Series 2000. In Preparation.