School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Staff Profile

Dr Jane Delany

Senior Lecturer/Head of Dove Marine Laboratory


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Head of the Dove Marine Laboratory
  • Co-ordinator for Stage 2 of the Marine Science Programmes
  • Senior Personal Tutor for Marine Science SNES 
  • CPD and Field course organisation for external groups 
  • Board member of the Great North Museum
  • Member of the Faculty Ethics Committee

Areas of expertise

  • Marine ecology
  • Citizen science
  • Temperate intertidal and coastal planktonic ecology


  • B.A. Mod in Zoology (Trinity College Dublin)
  • M.Sc. Oceanography (Southampton)
  • Ph.D. Marine Ecology (University College Cork)


Research Interests

Marine rocky intertidal community dynamics; the relative importance of supply side ecology to the functioning of intertidal ecosystems; settlement and recruitment patterns in marine invertebrates.

Zooplankton and phytoplankton linkages; Plankton Dove Time Series; Development of ballast water treatments.

Citizen Science; Public participation and engagement with science; Public Awareness of Marine Issues; Current ecology teaching methods in schools; Role of the natural environment in science education

Postgraduate Supervision

Sana Akram (co-supervision with G Galdwell):  Toxicity of manufactured nano-particles to marine biota

Ashley Endacott:(MpHil candidate) Fish assemblages of the Lindisfarne seagreass beds

Past research students:

Dr Ashleigh Tinlin (with Dr C Fitzsimmons): Impacts of harvesting and bait digging in the EMS

Dr Malcolm Baptie Plankton response to a changing climate in the Dove Time Series: a Northumberland ecosystem study  Dr Kayvan Pazouki: Inferential measurement and control of Ballast Water Treatment Systems.

Dr Susan Gebbels: Promoting Citizenship and Environmental Learning in the Marine Environment

Dr Jenny (Katherine) Carney: Marine bioinvasion prevention : understanding ballast water transportation conditions and the development of effective treatment systems.

Dr Mani Arora: Complexity and population regulation in unicellular algal cultures of Tetraselmis: an insight into individual and social interactions.

Mr Shane Maloney (MPhil): The Design, Build and Initial Testing of a Prototype Ballast Water Treatment Plant.


Esteem Indicators

Invited Keynote Speaker at European Marine Biology Symposium, Ostende, 2018

Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of North Tyneside Learning Trust

Chair of the Berwickshire and Northumberland Marine Nature Partnership


NERC Engaging environments Programme 'OPENER'

£1.7million HLF Capturing our Coast

£9.4K IfS pump prime Coastal Cities Observatory

£8K IfS pump prime Raising awareness of Climate Change through sea level rise visual simulation tools

£108,000 Heritage Lottery Fund: The Big Sea Survey

£418,000 EUFP7 BaWaPla (with Prof E Mesbahi)

£117,000 UKIERI (with Prof E Mesbahi)

£89,000 NYK Shipping Development of Educational Initiatives

£84,000 Merck Sharp & Dohme Ltd: Community Engagement

£120,000 One NE STEM transition learning

£30,000 New Opportunities Fund - science education opportunities for Key Stage 3
£5000 Catherine Cookson Foundation - "Cullercoats Village and Maritime Heritage"
£30,000 HEIF3 funding for Distance Learning Course Development


Stage 1:

MST1101 Marine Biology

MST1104 Marine Study Skills

Stage 2:

I am Stage 2 Co-ordinator

MST2101 Marine Ecology (Module Leader)

MST2104 Marine Research and Employability

MST2105 Marine Practical Skills

Stage 3:

MST3101 Advanced Marine Biology

MST3102 Advanced Marine Zoology

MST3104 Research Project Supervision

Postgraduate Taught:

MST8023 Marine Consultancy project supervision