School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Staff Profile

Dr Jeremy Robert Franks

Senior Lecturer



I lecture in farm business management, environmental management, agricultural economics and climate change.   

My research interests include all aspects of farm management production and economics, and agri-environment policy.  



BSc (Agriculture), University of Reading (1982)

Diploma Agricultural Economics, University of Reading (1991-2)

MSc Agricultural Economics, University of Reading (1992-3)

PhD, Manchester University (1994-6)

Research Associate, Manchester University (1996-1999)

Lecturer in Farm Business Management, Newcastle University (1999-2006)

Senior Lecturer in Farm Business Management, Newcastle University (2006-current)


Current Roles and Responsibilities

Chair of Board of Studies for the AESC cluster of degrees in SNES

Stage 3 Hons Option Leader for Farm Business Management

Module Leader for:

  Introduction to Farm Management (ace2020),

  Farm Business Planning and Control (ace3024) and

  Agricultural Economics and Policy (ace2006)


Phd (Manchester) Agricultural Economics

MSc (Reading) Agricultural Economics

Diploma (Reading) Agricultural Economics

BSc (Reading) Agriculture

Previous Positions

Research Associate, University of Manchester


Member of the Institute of Agricultural Management (IAgM).

Informal Interests

Tennis, ballroom dancing, reading, walking, cycling and body surfing



Research Interests

Farm business and enterprise financial analysis, including

Agri-environmental policy, especially impact of climate change legislation on farm management priorities

Russian farming systems

Other Expertise

Large-scale postal and on-line surveys
Small-scale, face-to-face on-farm interviews
Analysing survey data:

  •     cross section
  •     time series analysis

Current Work

Issues relating to landscape-scale, collaborative agri-environmental management

Identifying farm business constraints and their solutions 

Future Research

Aspects of agri-environmental policy, especially the linkages between farm management decisions and environmental outcomes

Research Roles


Esteem Indicators

  • 2004/6  Editor Journal of Farm Management
  • 2002 Plenary paper: The Middleton Public Lecture
  • 2003 Plenary paper: Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF)
  • 2003 Plenary paper: the Irish National Dairy Conference in Kilkenny Ireland
  • 2006 Plenary paper: the Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists, Oslo
  • 2011 - present Associate Editor Journal of Agricultural Economics
  • 2017 Academic Paper Editor for IFMA 21 Congress in Edinburgh (2-7 July)


I have received funding from:

  •    The Farmers Fund
  •    ESRC (Rural Economy and Land Use (RELU))
  •    Yorkshire Agricultural Society
  •    Water UK
  •    European Union. 

Industrial Relevance

My work is applied so it has substantial relevance to the agricultural industry.

For example:

  • The analysis of the economics of milk quota
  • Structural change in UK milk producers
  • Potential uptake of sexed semen in suckler cow herds
  • Farmer's attitudes towards collaborative environmental management options




Undergraduate Teaching

  • ACE2020   Introduction to Farm Management (ML)
  • ACE2006   Agricultural Economics (ML)
  • ACE3036   Farm Management (ML)
  • ACE3024   Farm Business Planning and Control
  • ACE2010   Agricultural Marketing
  • ACE3098   Agriculture Dissertations
  • ACE3099   Agri-Business Management Dissertations