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Dr Marion Pfeifer

Lecturer in Ecology, Conservation & Management


I am a tropical landscape ecologist / conservation scientist. I work with remote sensing data (mostly acquired by sensors on satellites), biodiversity data, habitat quality data and data on human well-being with the aim to monitor natural capital and biodiversity. I head the TROPical landScapes (TROPS) lab that does extensive fieldwork in the tropics, with sites in Tanzania, Brazil, South Africa, Peru, Gabon, Brunei Darussalam, and Sarawak. We work collaboratively to find solutions that maximise positive well-being and conservation outcomes. Our research is at local scale, as this is the scale at which landscape decisions are made. But we implement our research in a global scale context.

Key research outcomes:

If you want to follow our latest research, you can follow us on twitter: @marion_pfeifer.


Current key projects: for details see

  • Agrisys Tanzania (BBSRC funded, 2019-2021) is using the framework of coupled human- and natural systems to quantify natural captial in tropical agroforestry landscapes ( accounting for trade-offs between services and disservices
  • Lions in the matrix: room to roam. 
  • Mammal responses to infrastructure expansion in tropical forested landscapes
  • Climate and disturbance dependencies of tropical forest canopies
  • Human:wildlife interactions: mitigation & management. 


I am course leader for (and contributing teaching to):

  • BIO3039 Biodiversity Science and Policy. BSc course. 20 credits.
  • BIO8071 Dynamics of Coupled Human and Natural Systems. MSc core course across several degree programmes. 20 credits.
  • BIO3047 The Africa Field course. BSc course. 10 credits.

I contribute to: leading the passive remote sensing component

  • BIO8069 - ArcGIS and Remote Sensing. MSc module. 20 credits.

You can join our TROPS lab as UG for your final dissertation or as MSc student. Contact me to enquire about opportunities for PhDs and postdocs. I will be happy to provide support for developing independent applications.