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Dr Mark Shirley



Lecturer in Biological Systems Modelling

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Research Interests

I am interested in ecological modelling in general, specifically simulation modelling of spatial systems and epidemiology

Current Work

I am currently researching the transmission of diseases in a small-world context. This type of model concentrates primarily on the heterogeneous nature of routes of transmission between individuals in a population, including in models real-world social features such as clustering (where some individuals are more tightly linked with each other than on average), long-distance linkage (where some clusters are connected to others by a low incidence of widely connected individuals) and highly-connected individuals (where members of the network are members of multiple clusters).

My current work also includes modelling aspects of wildlife biology such as competition between red and arctic foxes in Fenno-Scandia and the epidemiology of TB in badger populations in the UK.

Research Group: Centre for Life Sciences Modelling


Undergraduate Teaching

BIO2006 Entomology