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Dr Mike Probert

Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, Head of Crystallography


Dr Mike Probert completed his PhD with Prof. Judith A.K. Howard at Durham University, where he remained as a PDRA and later as a Senior Research Fellow designing and building new single crystal X-ray diffraction equipment. The hardware developed, coupled with novel computational advances, formed a unique diffraction facility for the investigation of crystalline materials under extreme conditions. Mike was appointed as a lecturer in Chemistry in September 2013, and moved his bespoke facility to Newcastle University. He has since secured significant additional financial support through the University's Research Investment Fund to further enhance the facility to generate a world leading laboratory.

Mike has previously held the role of Degree Programme Director (DPD) for Undergraduate Chemistry BSc and MChem courses (2016 - 2019) until being appointed to his current position of Senior Lecturer and Research Lead for the Energy Structure and Dynamics group.

Mike's personal research group webpages can be found through this link


Mike's research interests include: studying the structure/property correlations of molecular systems under extreme conditions, ranging from simple organic compounds that exist as liquids under ambient conditions, to complex multi-dimensional systems that undergo novel phase changes upon cooling and/or the application of pressure; the polymorphic nature of compounds in the solid state; and the accurate experimental determination of electron densities of crystalline materials. These areas are all aided by the development of highly specialized equipment and novel experimental design that form another aspect to his research portfolio.


Dr Probert teaches various aspects of chemistry with lecture courses covering:

Inorganic Chemistry (CHY1301)

Structural Chemistry (CHY2401)

Computational Chemistry (CHY2003,CHY2103)

Advanced diffraction techniques (CHY8423)

Dr Probert also demonstrates undergraduate inorganic practicals (1st year) and is the laboratory leader for the structural chemistry practical course (2nd year). He also tutors first year inorganic chemistry.