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Dr Roy Sanderson

Lecturer in Biological Modelling


Dr Roy Sanderson’s interests are in modelling complex ecological systems, using multivariate statistical models, simulation techniques, across a wide range of spatio-temporal scales. This includes both plant and invertebrate species, genomics and proteomics data, as well as population modelling of individual species. The latter has included object-based discrete-event models of invertebrates at the landscape scale, agent-based models and Bayesian methods. Robust models allow one to develop new hypotheses, and undertake virtual experiments ‘in silico’ that would be impracticable or even impossible ‘in vivo”s. Recent projects include modelling Campylobacter infections – human, diet, and environmental and landscape-scale modelling, invertebrate communities responses to fuel-wood willow-coppice and meta-analysis of anti-oxidant compositon of organic and conventional foods, application of deep-learning artificial intelligence methods.  Roy is Degree Programme Director for MSc Ecology and Biodiversity 

Area of Expertise

Modelling of complex biological systems

Modelling, Evidence and Policy Research Group