School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Staff Profile

Dr Samuel Logan

Plant Research Team Leader/Deputy Technical Manager


My background is in plant population genetics. However, I have a broad range of interests including ecology and conservation, plant biology, biodiversity, ornithology and entomology. I have been involved in plant research at Newcastle University since 2012.

In my current role I lead the plant research technical team providing support to the School's plant research projects. I oversee the plant research labs and growth facilities on campus and the greenhouse and plant trials at Cockle Park farm. I manage the long-running Palace Leas Hay Meadow Trial.


PhD Population Genetics

MSc Molecular Ecology

BSc (Hons) Ecology and Conservation and Wildlife Biology 

Professional Affiliations:

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Affiliateship of the City & Guilds of London Institute


I'm a population geneticist. I've mostly worked on Tilia (lime trees) from the UK and across Europe, and from western Siberia, using microsatellite markers to discriminate between species, hybrids, and clonal cultivar groups but I've also worked on Indonesian birds (unpub.) and Whitefly (Kareem et al., 2020).

Since 2012, I've used Tilia specific microsatellites to: discriminated for the first time between the species and hybrid, and assess the population genetic diversity of the two UK species, T. cordata and T. platyphyllos, (Logan et al., 2015); highlight the within-population genetic diversity of the rare Siberian lime (T. sibirica) and propose a putative Pleistocene split from the small-leaved lime (Logan et al., 2018); assess genetic diversity, relatedness, clonal reproduction, and range effects of two European species (Logan et al., 2019).

I have worked with collaborators from American and European Universities (Conover et al., 2019; Wolff et al., 2019; Wolff et al., 2020) and am currently working with UK collaborators (Kew Gardens, Local Countryside Trusts, Local Interest Groups).