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Dr Shannon Flynn

Lecturer in Inorganic Geochemistry


My work is broadly focused on characterizing the fate and behavior of metals and contaminants in the environment in order to inform risk assessments, and treatment or remediation options. To do so, I couple laboratory and field experiments  using a variety of advanced instrumental techniques, such as ICP-MS/MS, SEM, and TEM, to identify biotic and abiotic reaction pathways and mechanisms.

Education and Experience


2014-2017 University of Alberta

Focus: Characterization of flowback and produced waters from hydraulically fractured wells in the Duvernay Formation, Alberta Canada

Supervised by Dr Daniel Alessi


2010-2015 PhD, University of Notre Dame

Dissertation: Environmental behavior of metals and radionuclides   

Supervised by Dr Jeremy Fein


2005-2009 BSc, Environmental Engineering, Michigan Technological University

2005-2010 BSc, Liberal Arts, Northland College

Area of Expertise


Studentship Opportunities 

Currently, I have two potential studentship opportunities available through the IAPETUS2 NERC DTP. Applications are due January 18, 2019. For more information click on the links below for project descriptions:

1. A novel biomarker approach to unravel the complex carbon inputs to marine hadal trenches and subduction zones (Ref IAP2-18-127) with Newcastle University and the British Geologic Survey Sediment from the deepest point of each ocean will collected as part of the Five Deeps Expedition

2. De-risking unconventional hydrocarbon exploration through novel biogeochemical approaches: towards a systematic understanding of organic matter processes in the subsurface and their impact on the environment (Ref IAP2-18-170) with Heriot-Watt University, Newcastle University and the British Geologic Survey


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Research Interests

-Low-temperature geochemistry

-Reactions at the mineral interface

- Biogeochemistry

-Hydraulic fracturing water cycle

-Environmental degradation of organic contaminants

-Deep sea biomarkers


CEG2609 Research Methods in Environmental Pollution 

CEG8624 Environmental Analytical Geochemistry (Inorganic)

CEG8641 Environmental Inorganic Analysis