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Neuroscience, Neurodisability and Neurological Disorders

Neuroscience, Neurodisability and Neurological Disorders

Our work focuses on understanding the basic principles of nervous systems.

Neuroscience at Newcastle 

We aim to:

  • understand the function of the nervous system
  • improve diagnosis
  • develope tools and methods for prevention and treatment of brain disorders
  • address important clinical and societal needs

Discovery systems neuroscience

We focus on:

  • understanding the basic principles of the nervous system
  • single cell and circuit level function and analysis (molecules, cells and cellular circuits)
  • whole brain network analysis (behaviour, electrophysiology, imaging and computation)

Translational and applied neuroscience

We focus on:

  • physical, developmental and mental health disorders
  • cognitive-, age-, trauma- or stroke-related disorders
  • making a difference to patients over their lifespan

Overarching approaches

Our research teams:

  • advance discovery science and research pathways in animals and humans
  • develop pipelines from bench to clinic
  • address individual and population based needs

Collaborations, productivity and impact

To maximise productivity and impact, we have:
  • a dynamic, inter-disciplinary research environment
  • close links between neuroscience, bioscience and data science
  • efficient interactions with clinical and allied health partners