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Neuroscience, Neurodisability and Neurological Disorders

Neuroscience, Neurodisability and Neurological Disorders

We are a diverse group of scientists and clinicians who aim to understand how the nervous system works in both health and disease.

We aim to:

  • understand the principles of information processing in the brain
  • understand how genes, the environment, diseases, and accidents impact on the nervous system
  • develop tools for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of nervous system disorders
  • address important clinical and societal needs in relation to neuroscience

We communicate our research to a variety of audiences, and often take part in Brain Awareness Week. We helped the International Centre for Life create the ‘Brain Zone’ exhibit. We also contributed to the Newcastle Beautiful Mind events in the Pint of Science festival.

We maintain a healthy volunteers database. This involves around 1,500 people who volunteer their time to take part in our experimental studies. Common tasks include vision or hearing tests, memory or motor tasks. You may complete a task on a computer or even have a brain scan.

All studies are safe and have to follow strict ethical guidelines. If you would like to sign up to our database please complete the online form.

If you would like more details or are a researcher interested in sending a call to our pool please get in touch.