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Neuroscience, Neurodisability and Neurological Disorders

We are a diverse group of scientists and clinicians who aim to understand how the nervous system works in both health and disease.

We aim to:

  • understand the principles of information processing in the brain
  • understand how genes, the environment, diseases, and accidents impact on the nervous system
  • develop tools for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of nervous system disorders
  • address important clinical and societal needs in relation to neuroscience

Centre for Transformative Neuroscience

Our theme is the central hub for the Centre for Transformative Neuroscience, a Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence. The centre unites researchers from across all three Newcastle University Faculties and partners beyond the university.

Understanding the brain in health and disease remains one of the great challenges of our time. We support collaborations in established partnerships as well as emerging teams to bring about transformations in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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