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Vascular Biology and Medicine

Vascular Biology and Medicine

Our research investigates the fundamental mechanisms involved in vascular homeostasis and inflammation. We aim to develop new treatments for

vascular diseases including coronary heart disease

heart failure

cardiovascular ageing

Research highlights

Our research shows amyloid-beta levels may be a key indicator of cardiovascular disease. Our aim is to develop a simple blood test that indicates risk of heart disease.

In a preclinical model our team has explored the formation of senescent – or zombie cells. These cells do not work correctly and can cause others to become senescent. Our team has uncovered how they form and possible reversal mechanisms.

We are investigating exercise capacity in patients with implanted left ventricular assist devices. Whereas the output of blood from the heart improves. Pressure builds up in the lungs as the pump does not respond to the demands of exercise that a normal heart is able to do.

Our members

Our expertise spans from basic science to clinical medicine. We work closely with our local NHS Trusts. We collaborate with the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

International scientific societies recognise our members. Professor Konstantinos Stellos received the Outstanding Achievement Award 2020. The European Society of Cardiology. In recognition of his work on atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Aikaterini Gatsiou serves as an Early Career Committee member at the American Heart Association (AHA) Council on Genomic and Precision Medicine. This recognises her groundbreaking research on endogenous RNA nucleotide modifications and inflammatory disease.

We are a supportive and inclusive community. Our theme EDI lead is Simon Tual-Chalot. Early career researchers interested in collaborating please contact Gavin Richardson.