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Vascular Biology and Medicine

Vascular Biology and Medicine

Our team of scientists and clinicians have a common interest in cardiovascular disease, with regards to:

  • prevention of its development
  • progression
  • its fatal consequences

Research vision

Our vision is to:

  • improve cardiovascular resilience
  • increase our capacity to prevent, delay or overcome health problems
  • reduce cardiovascular disease burden

Our expertise

We specialise in focusing on the genetic and environmental determinants of cardiovascular disease.

Our research tackles the prevention of acute and chronic coronary syndromes and heart failure. This is one of the most common causes of death worldwide.

We have expertise in congenital heart disease and in the role of circulatory system. This is in regards to development and progression of non-cardiovascular diseases including:

  • autoimmune diseases
  • cancer
  • dementia

Improving cardiovascular health

We apply basic science, translational medicine and population studies to our research.

We aim to:

  • reveal the underlying disease mechanisms
  • develop predictive medicine and risk stratification tools
  • evaluate novel precision medicine therapeutic concepts

We develop and foster a cross-disciplinary, inclusive and supportive community for:

  • students
  • fellows
  • scientists
  • clinicians
  • healthcare personnel

We hope they reach their full potential and work together to improve cardiovascular health.