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Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells, Transplantation

This theme brings together a team of internationally-recognised scientists.

Our unifying goals are innovation, validation and implementation of novel regenerative medicine therapies. Transforming clinical outcomes across the spectrum of chronic disease.

Our interdisciplinary research programmes explore the biological mechanisms of tissue injury and repair in health and disease. Our mechanistic and clinical research benefits from powerful human stem cell and primary tissue models.

Our objectives are to:

  • provide biological insights into organ development and maintenance of functional mass throughout life
  • provide understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in tissue repair
  • understand the role of immune system in tissue repair and regeneration
  • discover new diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers of tissue damage and repair. Both in endogenous disease and following therapeutic intervention. Including gene therapy, cell, tissue and organ transplantation
  • pioneer innovative regenerative medicine therapies. Including gene therapy, stem cell transplantation and organ replacement therapy
  • provide a collaborative, multi-disciplinary environment that promotes recruitment and training of early career scientists
  • broadening the impact of our research to improve life quality and longevity. Engaging with key stake-holders: public, patients, schools, hospitals and industry 

Research Infrastructure

Newcastle has a strong reputation in this area and boasts an impressive infrastructure. Regenerative Medicine is a key strand for Newcastle Health Innovation Partners, our regional Academic Health Science Centre.  

We work alongside The Institute of Transplantation at the Freeman Hospital. The only UK centre providing all solid organ transplants. As well as pancreatic islet cell transplantation a programme enabled by our research.

We are a regional centre for the MRC Quality in Organ Donation (QUOD) initiative. This unique resource aims to enhance transplant outcomes. Speed up translation of advanced therapy organ replacement and enable endogenous organ regeneration.

The Innovate UK Northern Alliance Advanced Therapies Treatment Centre is co-led by Newcastle. It fosters advanced therapy trials and clinical adoption locally, regionally and nationally.

The Transplant Regenerative Medicine Labs provides a research hub for donor organ perfusion. A platform for maintenance and resuscitation before transplantation. It develops processes for ex vivo delivery of advanced therapeutics to cells, organoids and whole organs. Newcastle Advanced Therapies provides bespoke GMP clean room manufacturing facilities. These include gene therapy medicines, somatic-cell therapies and tissue-engineered products. 

Research Impact

Newcastle is a leading centre for wide-ranging advanced therapies innovation and clinical trials. Including gene therapy for neuromuscular disease. Inherited and age related retinal disease and haemophilia. We are a leader in Haematopoietic Stem Cell innovation and transplantation.

We pioneered transformative limbal stem cell therapy for painful sight loss. We translated Tolerogenic dendritic cell therapy for rheumatoid arthritis from bench to bedside. Expertise and experience in CAR-T cell therapy enabled the NHS funded regional CAR-T service. Pluripotent stem cell derivation and modelling has provided a platform from patient tissue to generation of functional corrected cells for transplantation