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Molecular Biology of Invertebrates

Our research focusses on invertebrates as pests, parasites and pollinators. This area includes investigating the molecular basis of invertebrate interactions with other forms of life, as well as developing novel, biosafe pest control strategies.

Researchers within Molecular Biology and Biotechnology use biochemical, genetic, molecular and physiological techniques to study the biology and behaviour of invertebrate species that directly impact global food security, sustainability and human health. Ongoing research in this area encompasses insects, molluscs, crustaceans and arachnids.

We investigate the fundamental aspects of invertebrate molecular biology, physiology and behaviour that regulate invertebrate-plant interactions, nutrient assimilation, host-microbe interactions and colonisation of surfaces. These investigations are in turn underpinning the development of novel, specific pest control strategies (including biopesticides) and holistic integrated pest management strategies which protect environmental biodiversity whilst ensuring sustainable food production and reducing marine fowling.

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