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Mechanisms and Management of Long Term Conditions

Mechanisms and Management of Long Term Conditions

We aim to deliver the highest quality research, educational, policy and outreach activity.

Output range

Our work is leading, and spans the following range:

  • discovery bioscience
  • in vitro
  • pre-clinical models
  • multicentre cohorts
  • clinical trials

Our research 

The work we undertake embraces:

  • normal and pathologic development of the human body
  • homeostasis of the human body
  • patient-treatment
  • health service interaction

We study disease states across major organ systems and across the lifespan.

Encouraging collaboration

We encourage interactions between researchers studying different long term conditions. There is an increasing focus on multi-morbidity, and links with our other themes.

Our research encompasses both bench and clinical science. This provides the potential to have molecule to man to healthcare implementation. This will deliver research-led advances in:

  • discovery
  • prevention
  • therapy

We promote development of cutting-edge, enabling technologies as an embedded strength.

Successful cross-disciplinary collaborations enrich our long term conditions research. This extends beyond academia to key external partners in the NHS and industry.