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Precision Medicine, Genomics and Informatics

Precision Medicine, Genomics and Informatics

We deliver precision medicine using high dimensional datasets from:

  • cells
  • tissues
  • people
  • populations

Harnessing technology

By using technologies like next-generation sequencing, we study healthy individuals and phenotyped patients.

We create patient-derived organoid models and bespoke animal models using gene editing technologies. We then integrate datasets to deliver novel insights.

We also investigate natural processes such as:

  • development
  • ageing
  • diseases like cancer

Close links with the NHS have allowed advances in the study of common polygenic and rare monogenic disorders.

Data analysis

We capture and process individual level data using wearable tech and health apps.

Our members develop innovative methods to analyse health records to gain insight into human diseases.

Innovative methodology

The analysis of complex data benefits from strong links to the School of Computing. The use of innovative methods, such as artificial intelligence, enhances the studies.

People are all different and our discoveries have led to the development of biomarkers for tailored treatment. This is alongside pharmacogenomic stratification of drug response.

We translate our research into early phase clinical trials. Here, interventions and outcome evaluations centre around patients. We use our collective expertise to improve patient and population health.