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Precision Medicine, Genomics and Informatics

We aim to improve treatments to benefit patients and enhance health and wellbeing. We achieve this by exploiting multidimensional clinical, genetic, pathological and molecular data.

Precision medicine is the optimal delivery of health care to individuals and populations. It embraces stratified, structured and relevant approaches to health and wellbeing. These must be predictive, preventative, personalised and participatory. We use our collective expertise to improve patient and population health. We deliver precision medicine using:

  • high dimensional datasets
  • innovative methods including wearable technologies and mobile applications
  • bespoke laboratory technologies such as next generation sequencing, patient-derived organoids and gene editing.

Precision medicine is at the core of high quality service provision by NHS partners. Particularly in the recently formed, Newcastle Health Innovation Partners and Diagnostics North East. Close links with clinical teams allow translation into patient benefit quickly and efficiently. This includes biomarkers for tailored treatment and pharmacogenomic stratification to optimise drug efficacy and safety. Encouraging engagement with the public and our students is essential for this translation.

Linking with other university groups enriches our ability to analyse complex data. Enabling the development of innovative methods such as artificial intelligence and deep learning. These groups include:

Our core members have specific expertise in three main disease clusters:

  • chronic non-communicable diseases
  • rare diseases
  • oncology