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Microbes in Health and Disease

Microbes in Health and Disease

We study bacteria, fungi and parasites that colonise the human body. We study microbes that contribute to human health and pathogens that cause disease.

Our research focuses on:

  • how bacteria in the gut breakdown dietary fibre
  • how microbes compete with one another to colonise the human host
  • how pathogens cause disease
  • how bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics

Our knowledge of microbial pathogenesis informs the development of anti-infectives.  Work on L-form bacteria has revealed a novel mechanism that pathogens use to develop antibiotic resistance.

Mentorship and collaboration

We are active participants in the Biosciences institute early career mentoring programme. We work closely with several Faculty research themes. In particular, with the Immunity and Inflammation theme we host a joint ‘Host and Microbe’ seminar series.

For the latest updates about our theme follow us on Twitter @MIHDNewcastle

Research areas

We study microbes that occupy different body sites.