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Immunity and Inflammation

We study immunity and inflammation across the life-course, in health and disease.

We are a diverse group of researchers from both clinical and scientific backgrounds.  Our shared vision is to improve human health by delivering the highest quality research, education, and outreach activities.

Our research embraces normal and pathologic development, activity, and homeostasis of the immune system. By studying the mechanisms of protective immunity and immune-mediated inflammatory disease, our work informs diagnosis, stratification, and treatment. 

We collaborate widely across the university and beyond, including with industry and the public. We have a high proportion of clinically active academics and work closely with NHS partners on both research and clinical service provision.  For example, the National Renal Complement Therapeutics Centre is an umbrella for both clinical care and research into complement disorders.


Research culture

Members of our theme actively participate in research-led teaching as a core activity.  We offer a rich and supportive training environment for students and researchers over the stages of their studies/careers. 

Theme members Desa Lilic and Mario Abinun have set up a fund to nurture interactions between Newcastle University and Serbian immunologists and clinical immunologists.
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Steering Committee 

We are a diverse theme with members from different backgrounds and professional specialties. It is important that all our members feel represented and this is reflected in the make-up of our steering committee. Members include: