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Discovery of Medicines

Translating the latest research findings into new medicines for the treatment of human diseases.

An interdisciplinary approach

Discovering medicines and enabling their development is a complex process.

It requires teams of scientists with diverse and complementary skills. They include expertise in bioscience, structural biology, biophysics, computational methods and medicinal chemistry.

This enables us to develop:

  • methods to reveal or verify targets that drive disease processes
  • screening strategies to identify molecules that interfere with a target’s activity
  • techniques to rapidly progress iterative chemistry for drug development

Our research

We specialise in structure-based approaches for drug discovery.

We also develop innovative cutting-edge technologies that support the identification of new medicines.

Newcastle is well-established in cancer drug discovery. Our research is expanding. We aim to identify treatments for life-threatening anti-microbial diseases and metabolic disorders.


We collaborate with scientists and clinicians. We have established a wide range of academic-industry partnerships to progress our research.

Within our Faculty we work closely with colleagues in:

The Cancer Research UK Newcastle Drug Discovery Unit

The theme hosts the Cancer Research UK Newcastle Drug Discovery Unit. The Unit develops novel, differentiated, small molecule therapies for cancer patients.

Our researchers have already contributed to the discovery of marketed and experimental drugs.