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Prizes galore at HNRC Research Day

This year’s Human Nutrition Research Centre (HNRC) Research Day, attended by Professor Chris Day (Vice-Chancellor and President), was held in the Partner’s Room in the Business School on Wednesday 11 October. The nearly 100 registrants for the Research Day enjoyed a wide range of presentations from PhD students and Early Career Researchers. As usual there was stiff competition among the PhD students for the Best Poster prizes and this year’s winners were:

1st Laura Cutler‌
2nd Nik Zakaria
3rd Natassia Robinson

In addition, in the Open Poster competition, prizes were awarded to: Wendy Wrieden, Emma Simpson and Wasim Iqbal.

The climax of the day was the HNRC Annual Lecture given by Professor Hannelore Daniel from the Technical University Munich on the topic “We are all individuals”. This tour de force lecture showed elegantly the power of deep phenotyping in revealing how each of us responds differently to nutritional and other challenges, the mechanisms responsible for this individuality and the potential consequences for long-term health.

published on: 1 December 2017