Human Nutrition Research Centre


Effect of Nutritional Supplementation on Performance in Elderly

 This project, funded by Danone Research BV, is investigating the effects of a dietary protein supplement on physical performance in older people.  As people age a common problem is muscle wastage (sarcopenia) which gets greater with older age.  This affects mobility, ability to carry out some tasks such as opening jars and bottles, and ultimately has a major impact on quality of life (QoL).  This intervention study is investigating whether a natural protein supplement will help alleviate these symptoms and improve QoL.  The study is a controlled, parallel, intervention study lasting 6 months and the outcomes include body muscle and fat content, ability to carry out physical activity tasks and QoL.  The results will be used in the development of a supplement for clinical use.

Further information available from Professor Chris Seal

 Principal Professor CJ Seal, Prof of Food & Human Nutrition Agriculture, Food & Rural Development

Collaborator Dr K Brandt, Senior Lecturer Agriculture, Food & Rural Development

Collaborator Professor DJ Burn, Prof of Movement Disorder Neurology Institute for Ageing & Health