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Fruit at Work Study


The benefits of fruits and vegetables are widely publicised and despite most people knowing they should be eating more, most are not getting enough. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres as well as being low in energy.

This combination of vitamins and minerals helps to protect the body against chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and the fibrous and low-energy dense properties have been recognized as a component in the fight against obesity. In addition there are some indications that fruit may reduce fluctuations in blood concentrations that influence cognitive performance and wellbeing.

However, the particular role of fruit intake alone that could be responsible for these health and wellbeing benefits is not clear, mainly because intervention studies among free living individuals have focused on the effects of fruit and vegetable intake combined. In the present study therefore, emphasis is given to the possible effect of fruit intake alone on relevant health and wellbeing measures.

The ISAFRUIT Project: Fruit at work study - Sharon Hall, video link: