Human Nutrition Research Centre

Food Quality & Health

Food Quality and Health

The research in this area aims to understand and optimise how diets, foods and food components affect human health.

Our topics include:

  • diet composition
  • functional foods
  • food supplements
  • medicinal plants used by consumers
  • provision of evidence to support health claims

Our research

Our research comprises laboratory trials (analyses, assays, animal studies) and human intervention trials.

It also includes research to understand and optimise how production methods affect the sensory and nutritional quality of foods, food supplements and herbal medicines. This includes primary production (agriculture), processing, storage, quality control and standardisation, safety assurance, and cooking. Some of this work is integrated with agricultural or technical research in other research groups.

This research also consists of laboratory analyses and tests as well as human studies, including sensory testing and questionnaire-based surveys.

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