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Maisie Rowland

Research Assistant


Research Assistant in the Human Nutrition Research Centre, Institute of Health and Society

Academic background

In 2014 I completed a 9 month placement working in the Human Nutrition Research Centre (HNRC) looking at how parents can be helped to recognise overweight in their children. In 2015 I graduated with a first class honours degree in Food and Human Nutrition from Newcastle University. After this I started working in the HNRC as a research assistant working on a Food Standards Scotland funded project, field testing an online dietary recall tool (Intake24). I have continued collaborating with a team in Computer science to develop Intake24 particularly for use internationally and I have also worked on a project looking at possible ways to develop dietary assessment methods in lower income countries such as Tanzania.

I have co-ordinated and carried out the data collection for the Gateshead Millennium Study, which is a large longitudinal study, carrying out many measures with a cohort who have been followed since birth to present (currently aged 17/18 years old). Measures include anthropometrics, physical activity, questions on health and lifestyle and collecting blood samples.

I am currently working on a project comparing the dietary assessment methods of Intake24 and of food diaries in school aged children, a project piloting the use of Intake24 in the Scottish Health Survey and also working on projects adapting Intake24 for different populations.


First Class BSc (Hons) - Food and Human Nutrition, Newcastle University (2011-2015)

Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr)


I currently mainly work on:

  • Developing Intake24, an online dietary assessment tool and it's associated studies.
  • The Gateshead Millennium Study
  • Comparison of Intake24 and food diaries in school aged children