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Copyright and IPR

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Copyright at the University

In general, Newcastle University owns the copyright to any teaching materials you produce in the course of your employment here. Lectures can be recorded unless you opt out.

When do I need permission to use a copyrighted work?

If in doubt about whether you require a license or permission to use a copyrighted work (in the UK copyright always exists, and is an automatic right) you should seek permission from the copyright holder.

Open licensing, such as Creative Commons, can help with identifying copyrighted works which are already openly licensed, with permission granted via the type of license applied, and can also help in managing your own copyright. By applying a license the copyright is retained, and the license states clearly under what circumstances you can use the licensed works. If you wish to use the licensed work in a context not covered by the license, then you may well be granted permission to use the work, but you must seek permission from the copyright holder.