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Recording Videos

Recording Videos

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Recording videos

We recommend you use ReCap Personal Capture (PCap) to create video content such as narrated PowerPoint videos, screencasts, visualiser recordings, and short 'talking-head' pieces with your webcam. Although other software and approaches are available, PCap offers a one-stop-shop for recording, editing, captioning and hosting your content.

Recording Software

ReCap Personal Capture (PCap)

PCap makes it easy to create simple videos from your home or office computer. Once recorded, you can use ReCap's simple online editor to 'top and tail' recordings, delete unwanted sections, and add automatic captions. You can then easily share your recordings with students via Canvas.

  • Create new recordings with ReCap Personal Capture


You can also use PowerPoint to make videos of slide narrations and screen recordings. This is a simple technique and allows you to edit and perfect your recordings offline, slide-by-slide, before exporting to video format.


You can create video content directly in Zoom by recording a session. Zoom can record to your local computer or to the cloud (but be aware that cloud recordings are only kept for 30 days and must be downloaded).

Other approaches

You can record 'chalk-and-talk' presentations in front of a whiteboard using your mobile phone or webcam. You can also record short talking-head videos directly in Canvas using the Media Recording tool (built into the Canvas rich text editor).

Importantly, if you already use software for recording videos, you do not need to use the recommended software listed here. Most video recording programs perform the same functions and, for simple talking head or screencast videos, differences are minimal.

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