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Presentations and video assessments

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Live Presentations

You can ask students to deliver individual or group presentations live during an online synchronous session in Zoom or Teams. There are a number of points to consider: 

  • Do your students normally present to other students as well as you as an audience, and are the other students required to ask questions? 
  • How will dialogues be conducted? 
  • Is this accessible to all students including those with limited (mobile phones) or faulty technology (poor internet), students in different time zones, or students with SSPs (Student Support Plans)?  The guidance on considerations for teaching and studying with poor internet may be helpful. 
  • How do you normally provide feedback? 
  • Does the presentation need to be recorded for second marking or moderation? 
  • How are auxiliary materials submitted? 


Watching each other’s presentation provided a mutual learning opportunity and the marking criteria were shared with the students to enable a differentiated understanding of the grade.

Dr Jessica Komes on assessing students via peer-reviewed video presentations

Video assessments and recorded presentations

You can ask students to record and submit a video for assessment, which may be a recorded alternative to a live presentation, or another type of video content. 

There are a number of options available.  The information below is designed to help you decide on the most appropriate method for students to create their recordings, and on the best option to manage the submission and marking.