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Laboratory Teaching

Laboratory Teaching

Laboratories are an important practical feature of many undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at Newcastle University. They can help to stimulate interest in a subject, deepen understanding, create motivation, and connect theory with practice. They also provide an important opportunity for students to work together on analysing and solving real-world problems - skills and attitudes that will enable them to operate effectively in their chosen professions.

Creating effective labs

Labs enable students to take advantage of the specialist facilities and industry-standard equipment available at Newcastle University, and allow them to bring what they have learned in the classroom to life. However, significant time commitment is needed to design and run effective labs. It is therefore vitally important that educators design lab activities effectively to make the best use of this invaluable contact time.

NEPS: Laboratory Teaching

The Newcastle Educational Practice Scheme (NEPS) features a range of self-enrol Canvas courses to help colleagues enhance their academic practice. The Laboratory Teaching module is a short course that considers the practical challenges of designing lab-based learning activities within a modern curriculum. It is suitable for new staff and current staff who wish to develop, rethink, or reinvigorate their lab-based teaching approaches.

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