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Leadership, Work and Organisation PhD Students

Meet the leaders of the future. Our outstanding PhD students redefine the way we think about effective leadership and organisational dynamics.

Our students

Fahad Fayadh H Alanazi

Fahad's subject area is Leadership and Management. Fahad's PhD project title is 'Leadership development in Saudi Arabia'. Read more about Fahad's research.

Hussain Yousef Alqatifi

Hussain's subject area is Human Resource Management, Employee Well-being, Work and Employment. Hussain's PhD project title is 'Exploring HRM practices influences on employees' well-being and their outcomes'. Read more about Hussain's research.

Elie Chahda

Elie's subject area is Strategy. Elie's PhD project title is 'Practising Openness: Strategising within a UK Higher Education Institution'. Read more about Elie's research.

Jill Hardacre

Jill's subject area is Leadership, Work and Organisation. Jill's PhD project title is 'Analysing Hidden Gendered Processes in the Neoliberal University'. Read more about Jill's research.

Mohammad Islam

Mohammad's subject area is Human Resource Management. Mohammad's PhD project title is 'An exploration of the fourth industrial revolution and Human Resource Management in the UK retail Industry'. Read more about Mohammad's research.

Inamutila Kahupi (Nache)

Nache's subject area is Business & Management Nache's PhD project title is 'The Institutional Analysis Towards the Adoption and Diffusion of Circular Economy in a Developing Economy: A Case Study of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining in Namibia'. Read more about Nache's research.

George Kiley

George's subject area is Future of Work. George's PhD project title is 'Leadership and wellbeing in a contemporary professional services firm: Is the 'nature of work' conducive to making employee wellbeing a reality? A cross cultural study'. Read more about George's research.

Andrea M Lane

Andrea's subject area is Entrepreneurship. Andrea's PhD project title is competence development of entrepreneurship educators and its impact on current practices. Read more about Andrea's research.

Alanoud Naif

Alanoud's subject area is Leadership and Management. Her project title is "Crafting Philanthropic Identities: Fundraising Narratives and Elite Philanthropy"

Anand Roy

Anand's subject area is Strategic Management, specialising in Sustainability. Anand's PhD project title is 'Discipline-based Understandings of Educating for Sustainability at Higher Education Institutions'. Read more about Anand's research.

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