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Accounting and Finance

Meet our PhD students and find out how their research contributes to the development of theories, methodologies, and practical applications.

Our students

Aditi Adhikari

Aditi's subject area is Project Management/Project Studies. Aditi's PhD project title is 'Evaluating the implications of agile principles and ethos in public sector organisations'. Read more about Aditi's research.

Hend Saud Alajaji

Hend's subject area is Accounting and Finance. Hend's PhD project title is 'Female Directors and Earning Management: A global Banking Analysis'. Read more about Hend's research.

Shaker Alkaabneh

Shaker's subject area is Strategy, Organisation and Society (Digital Economy). Shaker's PhD project title is 'Organisational Adoption of AI ethics: A case study of UK FinTechs'. Read more about Shaker's research.

Alvart Balmanian

Alvart's subject area is Accounting & Finance specialising in Behavioural Finance. Alvart's PhD project title is 'Investor sentiment and options volume trading around M&A announcements'. Read more about Alvart's research.

Melis Besen

Melis' subject area is Accounting and Finance. Her research aims to explore the drivers behind professional identity for chartered accountants.

Yudian Chen

Yudian's subject area is Accounting and Finance. Their research aims to investigate the relationships between ESG, innovation and bank risks

Lovewell Chiti

Lovewell's subject area is Accounting & Finance. Lovewell's PhD project title is 'Accounting and Accountability in Black Majority Churches (BMCs) in UK-a qualitative study'. Read more about Lovewell's research.

Qiwu Guo

Qiwu's subject area is Corporate Finance; Narrative Disclosure. Qiwu's PhD project title is 'Textual Innovation Disclosure and Stock Return Evidence from the Chinese Stock Market'. Read more about Qiwu's research.

Xinrui Jia

Xinrui's subject area is Accounting & Finance specialising in Audit and Fintech. Jo's PhD project title is 'Effect of disruptive technologies on audit risk and audit quality'. Read more about Xinrui's research.

Esraa said Mohamed Elghonimy Mohamed

Esraa's subject area is Operations, Supply Chain and Accounting. Esraa's PhD project title is 'Exploring the role of blockchain technology on Lean supply chain'. Read more about Esraa's research.

Alexei Musundire

Alexei's subject area is Accounting & Finance specialising in Financial Performance and Environment Management Practices. Alexei's PhD project title is 'The effect of Environmental Management Practices on Financial Performance of Companies in Zimbabwe'. Read more about Alexei's research.

Kolapo Odeniyi

Kolapo's subject area is Accounting and Finance. His research aims to critically examine how accounting and auditing practices in Nigeria can influence policies and practices.

Thomas Shanks

Thomas's subject area is Business (Innovation and Management). Thomas's PhD project title is 'Moving Forward: The Future of Mobility – Innovation and Management in the UK Private Hire and Taxi Industry'. Read more about Thomas's research.

Our research community

Our research community comprises the two main disciplinary pillars of Accounting and Finance. It provides the basis for further interdisciplinary research.

On our community page you'll find information on:

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